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Alicia Keys to Buy Eddie Murphy's $15 Million Home? (House of the Day)

Oct 26th 2012 6:00PM I am surprised that they would show a home like this without cleaning the carpeting. Spots are clearly visible in more that one room. The home does not show like a $14,000,000 home.

California Law Bans Landlords From Requiring Declawed, 'Devoiced' Pets

Sep 30th 2012 11:46AM It is cruel to debark or declaw a pet. In defense of landlords however, their property can be horribly trashed by a bad tenant and they are left to clean up the mess. If a pet is a constant barker, a landlord will lose other good tenants because of the offensive barking. As a landlord, everything can be easily resolved if they wish to allow pets. They can put a clause in the lease that if a pet becomes offensive or destructive to the property or other tenants the offending pet owner Tenant will be given a 30 day notice to vacate the property.

What About Tracy Morgan's Sexist Rant, Witness Asks

Jun 11th 2011 1:57PM He was trying to be funny but it backfired. As far as gays go, they will have to deal with the life that they have chosen. I just wish they would stop trying to act as if they fit in with the average family. They want to be affectionate in public without any negative reactions. It is just not going to happen. They may have the Hollywood and extremeists accepting them in that way but not everyone is on board. Sorry but that's the way it is.

Iowa School Principal Delivers Birthday Spankings to Students

May 28th 2011 9:58AM What is the purpose of a "Birthday Spanking"? I do not see the humor or need for such a thing. It teaches the children nothing except how stupid the principal is. As a child I certainly would not have liked to have that done to me. What is wrong with those people. Post traumatic issue or not it is just plain wrong. commend that parent for having the courage to stand up for the children.

'Genderless' Baby Raises a Storm of Controversy

May 26th 2011 5:46PM The only thing I can think of is that this child was born with both male and female organs and the parents want to buy some time to decide which way this child will go. It is difficult enough in this crazy mixed up world to rear a normal child let alone one with a difficult physical issue. I don't think making this a public matter will help the situation. I feel sorry the the baby as he/she gets older and has to deal with this as well as for the older siblings.

Mom With Stage 4 Breast Cancer Denied Custody of Kids in Bitter Battle

May 12th 2011 1:41AM The children will feel comtempt for the parent who is taking them away from the mother that they love. The judge who is doing this is going to make these children hate the judicial system alltogether. They will miss their mother and immortalize her memory. The courts should not take someones children away from them just because they are sick. What is the matter with this judge? Children are not property. Why didn't the jude ask where they wanted to be?

Kate Middleton's Engagement Ring -- Would You Wear Your MIL's Bling?

Apr 26th 2011 7:41AM Ordinarily, I would want to have a choice in my engagment ring but if as in this case it meant something very special to my fiance, I would be honored that he would want me to have it and would wear it with pride. Kate is a very special girl who appears to be a down to earth person. That is very rare in a girl who comes from a privileged background. In addition to her beauty, that is probably why he chose her above all the rest.

Nicolas Cage Arrested on Domestic Violence Charge

Apr 16th 2011 9:13PM Unless someone's life is in danger, I think that bystanders should mind their own business. Calling the police only added to this couple's problem instead of helping.

Is This the Kitchen of the Future?

Mar 26th 2011 9:30PM I like having an island in my kitchen and see no reason to have it go up and down. What's the point?


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