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Can Being Too Perfect a Parent Mess Up Your Kids?

Jun 20th 2011 2:38PM I could not agree more!!! I'm also a teacher and I see the same thing. Real success almost has no meaning now because "everyone is a winner". How can you take pride in excelling at something when everyone gets treated the same. And why would any kid try to do better if they get rewarded even when they do poorly at something. Also, these kids are growing up with absolutely NO coping skills when it comes to let-downs and disappointments. Children NEED to fail sometimes. If they can't handle small failures as children, how on earth will they ever deal with the big things that happen in life as they get older?

Mother of 'Genderless' Baby Storm Speaks Out

May 31st 2011 1:46PM I think the "secret" part makes it sound more like a social experiment than the parents simply trying to do right by the child. I think it would sound a little less wacky if they simply requested that people TREAT the child neutral and not restrict him from any toys/clothing/activities because of his gender. But, I don't know, if this is the only way they thought they could get people to truly honor that kind of request, so be it, it's their child and I don't think it will harm the child. They're not forcing it to act like the opposite sex, they're just being open from the start to whatever likes and dislikes the child may have regardless of gender rules.

Mother of 'Genderless' Baby Storm Speaks Out

May 31st 2011 1:37PM Seems a little strange and a bit of a hassle just to make sure that he lives a life free of gender restrictions, but I don't see why anyone else would really care.

I actually like the idea of letting the child just simply grow and decide who he will be and not FORCE him to do typical "boy things" (and btw - just because he doesn't like "boy things", or does like "girl things" doesn't automatically make him gay - colors and clothes don't define a person as gay - they're sexual preference does). But, I don't think you need to keep someone's gender a SECRET in order to do that - that seems a bit much.

Florida Ob-Gyns Turning Away Overweight Women

May 18th 2011 2:33PM I understand their concerns with an overweight patient possibly getting injured since exam tables aren't large enough to support them properly. But, we're talking about medical care - I think simply larger exam tables need to be made and every practice needs to have at least one if that is the ONLY reason they can't accomodate the person. If more technical equipment is needed for the visit (you can't expect them to have a larger model of everything) then send them away, but a basic exam table/chair is reasonable to require of offices by a certain date - must give them time to afford/aquire it. If the person is pregnant and they deem it a high-risk pregnancy after examining them, then sure, send them to a specialist. But, sending someone to a specialist for their yearly exam b/c your table is too small doesn't sound right to me. And trust me, I'm the first to defend a company when I think someone is crying wolf or making claims of discrimination just because everything doesn't go there way and isn't handed to them on a silver platter.

Mom With Stage 4 Breast Cancer Denied Custody of Kids in Bitter Battle

May 11th 2011 11:44AM This is sad. But, more information is needed.

The parents used to be married and were issued joint custody of the children. If they originally lived in Durham as a family and the dad moved to Chicago, then this is outrageous. How dare a judge cheat these children out of precious time with their mother whose time is obviously limited. Knowing they COULD have had more time with their mother and DIDN'T is I think more damaging to them than not having enough contact with their non-ill parent. I also think it will lead to more resentment of their father who will eventually have sole custody since the mother is terminal.

But, if they were originally based in Chicago and the mother moved to Durham for treatment, then I understand not granting the mother full custody. It's a very sad decision, but a judge can't take custody away from the father b/c the mother chose to move to treat her illness. IF that is the case, then it's unfortunate, but she needs to either choose a treatment facility closer to her children or unfortunatly not see her children as often. It's a sucky choice and predicament for her, but again, IF that is the case, you can't blame the judge - it's just a sucky situation that comes with life and it's not the judge's right to take custody away from another parent just b/c they're NOT terminal.

But, again, MORE INFO is needed to really know who is in the wrong here.

Is This the Kitchen of the Future?

Mar 28th 2011 9:11AM Wow. This is a whole lot of time/effort/technology for a DUMB idea. As most other commenters pointed out, WHY would you want a surface to double as a FLOOR that you WALK on AND an ISLAND that you EAT off of? An island that slides out from under your countertop seems much more practical to me! It would be easier to maintain and 1000 times more sanitary! And hell, if you need it to be a little more high tech - then make it remote control with brakes on the wheels for when it's stationary and/or legs that drop down to stabilize it more so it doesn't roll while you're eating at it.

Ms. vs. Miss vs Mrs.: Are Women's Marital Status Titles Obsolete?

Mar 24th 2011 10:26AM get off your high horse... you clicked on & read this article knowing what it was about.. and just because there are serious things going on in the world doesn't mean we can't still address smaller matters. The world would be a very depressing place and life would not be worth living if ALL we cared about and thought about and did revolved around tragedies. If you're so concerned with Japan and other tragedies... get off your computer, leave the comfort of your house and go and DO something about it rather than yelling at everyone who is doing the EXACT SAME THING THAT YOU ARE DOING! I donate to charities, I sponsor a child in a poor country, but OMG I read an article about whether titles are obsolute - i'm heartless...

and also, it's not like this is some tabloid-gossip story - it brings up a valid question - are women's marital status titles obsolete... and people are supposed to post their opinion - i think they are and we should do away with them, it would make addressing females (whose whole life story you don't know) easier and creating/filling out/filing paperwork and such much simpler b/c we wouldn't have to worry about those pesky titles

Ms. vs. Miss vs Mrs.: Are Women's Marital Status Titles Obsolete?

Mar 24th 2011 10:09AM Do away with them. Is it really necessary to distinguish whether a woman is married? If it was so important, then wouldn't we do it for men too? Just make every woman a "Ms" and call it a day! The different titles actually complicate things when I need to address someone formally in writing and I just know their full name, not their marital status. I then have to guess at whether or not they're married so I can put the proper title? It's dumb! I work at a school, and if I don't know another teacher personally, I don't want to address them in an e-mail by their first name or just their last name with no title infront of it, so I'm left asking other students if they know if the teacher is married.

'I Love Boobies' Bracelets: Popular With Kids but Schools Object

Sep 5th 2010 4:16PM Parents need to stop worrying about trivial things like possibly-offensive or provacative jewelry and clothing being banned inside schools, and worry about important things like curricullum & assessment & the methods used in classrooms.

Although some of the modern ideas of teaching are AMAZING, as a HS math teacher, i've encountered numerous students (actually - make that a majority of my students) in the 9th grade and above who are UNABLE to add, subtract, multiply and divide without the use of a calculator. Things that myself, my parents and generations before them were all capable of doing in Elementary School. Are children today born stupider? - NO! But a combination of thinking rote-memorization is bad and using calculators at a young age is okay has resulted in a generation of kids who are doomed in real life when it comes to simple math. Although encouraging deeper thinking is important, rote memorization is necessary for basic things like early math and spelling. There is nothing wrong with having a kid copy their times-tables for a different number each night or week. Or, having a kid write their spelling words 10 times. That's how I learned and everyone before me learned - and we can do math in our heads and spell most words without the assistance of spell check, unlike a lot of today's youths.

BUT, when was the last time you saw parents in an uproar about a topic like this???

"My kid can't add or spell - oh well, I don't care, they can use a calculator or spellcheck. But, if that school tries to ban my child from wearing an "i love boobies", they'll never hear the end from me!"

Re-check your priorities parents!!!
(though, not all - some do have their priorities in the right places)

And, i'm not saying parents should now go out and blame schools for these issues with spelling and simple math. But, if you're going to team up and fight for something, fight for something important. Change something that matters, like fighting to bring back some of the old teaching techniques that worked better than some new ones rather than fighting about a stupid dress code ban!

'I Love Boobies' Bracelets: Popular With Kids but Schools Object

Sep 5th 2010 3:53PM also, remember, IF students wear these bracelets around school, the school is the one who has to then deal with any issues that arise from it.
What if innocent little Suzie is sporting her "i love boobies" gear and Johnny makes a little comment like "i love boobies too" - maybe in her opinion, he said it in a sexual tone and it offends her, so now Suzie goes and complains about being sexually harrassed.
-If the school takes action against Johnny - his parents will flip out on the school b/c their son is being suspended or whatever because he made a comment about a boobies shirt that Suzie decided to wear to school and it's therefore her fault. His parents may even try to sue the school now (yes, some parents will try to sue over a suspension if they think the school was not justified in suspending their child)
-If the school doesn't take action against Johnny - Suzies parents will flip out because their daughter was sexually harrased at school while simplye wearing a shirt in support of breast cancer. And heck, maybe they'll sue too!

WHY would a school want to leave themselves vulnerable to situations like this??? Which, if it hasn't happened somewhere already, i'm sure it will!!!

Leave the schools alone - they're making the best decision for themselves and the students. Parents can make their own rules about what their kids do and wear based on their own beliefs and the maturity & responsibility of their children. Schools on the other hand have to make policies that will be uniform for ALL students (which they have hundreds or even thousands of) and will keep those students safe and in a healthy environment.

If you want to show support for breast cancer, wear the old pink bracelets or pink ribbons . Go online and simply make a monetary donation to the charity.

And honestly, "i love boobies" doesn't REALLY encourage awareness about breast cancer - unless little twelve year old girls are walking around giving a damn dissertation on breast cancer each time someone asks what their shirt means.


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