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Secrets your dentist doesn't want you to know

Aug 27th 2009 12:13PM Since there are so many Dentists posting comments on here, I have a question about recent pediatric dentists that I have visited.

I have had the same pediatric dentist for my 3 kids for the last 12 years. Although I really liked and trusted him I decided to change dentists for 2 reasons. His office was far away and they did not file dental insurance for me.

I found a pediatric dentist on my insurance carrier list who was down the road from my house. Took the kids for a regular cleaning and walked out with the shock of my life. They informed me that my kids had 9 CAVITIES between them! I wondered how in the world could this have happened in the 8 months since the last cleaning?

They said the oldest child had one cavity and quoted the price to fill it. They said the middle child had 6 and would need to be sedated for them to work on her because she was so anxious while they cleaned. The youngest had 2 and would also need sedation. The total quote for my responsibility of the payment was $1200. Add another $800 if I would like them to put in a habit breaking orthodontic appliance that my middle child needed.

I went ahead and scheduled an appointment for the oldest since this was easy. The next week she went in to have this one filling. When they brought her out afterwards, they told me that they had found another one while they were in there so they just "went ahead and filled it. Don't worry...we'll charge it out to your insurance". Did I mention that I had also now noticed that half the children in the waiting room had been sedated? I started to be suspicious.

I decided to ask for those x-rays and go back to my old pediatric dentist for a second oppinion. He checked out the 2 younger kids and found ONLY ONE CAVITY between them! He has since then put in the habit breaking device for me and only charged $189 for it. I have never seen a child staggering thru his waiting room under sedation and I am truly shocked to have 2 such different experiences.

Why would there be such a discrepancy here? Is this dentist trying to make up work so he can line his pockets?


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