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How to Deal With -- and Get Rid of -- Mice

Mar 30th 2011 12:58PM I've found that the sonic devices don't work. I went to a farm supply store and bought a bottle of bobcat urine, doused cotton balls with it and toss them into corners where the mice might get into the house, or places that I knew they would be and never saw one again! Make sure you wear disposable gloves, you don't want it on your hand, but it isn't toxic. Someone said that fox urine would work, too, but I haven't tried it (though I know it works for larger animals like possums and armadillos).

How Long Should I Do Cardio For?

Jan 26th 2011 1:16PM LOL I thought the exact same thing! What has happened to our culture where we accept such inept writing? I don't think I want to take advice from anyone who is so lowly educated that they can't write a sentence. lol
(btw, I've heard the PACE program is great!)

Troy Aikman and Wife Rhonda Divorcing

Jan 25th 2011 9:41PM actually, he didn't announce his divorce. he announced their separation. he very clearly made that distinction.
and his sexual orientation and the reason/s for the separation are no one's business. why do you people have to comment on something you know nothing about? leave them be. they asked for their privacy so let them have it.

Louis C.K. Causes NPR's 'Fresh Air' Cancellation in Mississippi

Jul 16th 2010 6:13PM Wow, Ty. Speaking of arrogance, stupidity, and bigotry, isn't that what you just showed by your remarks?? I'm from Mississippi and proud of it. If you haven't been there, much less lived there, don't be so harsh on your judgments. It just shows how stupid and ignorant (yes, there's a difference) YOU are!
Oh, and if Mississippi is so racist, why are there more blacks there than in most other states? They certainly can leave if they so can anyone else.

FDA Fines Red Cross $16 Million for Blood Safety Violations

Jun 18th 2010 7:05PM Joan, you may work the disasters, but i assure you, after you leave and the disaster is over, the Red Cross comes back and asks for 'donations' using the excuse of how they helped that area. i've worked in hospitals all over the southeastern United States and Texas and have seen it happen time and again.
i appreciate the work YOU do to help others, along with the other good people who do the same, but the organization show a great lack of compassion in the way they operate AFTER the fact.
i still stand by my statements and still will never support the Red Cross if for no other reason that how they handled the donations (of all kinds) after 9/11. its very sad.

FDA Fines Red Cross $16 Million for Blood Safety Violations

Jun 18th 2010 5:40PM once again, the Red Cross shows it's true colors! WHY do people keep supporting this organization?? they mishandled MILLIONS of dollars after 9/11, they messed up Haiti assistance so much it may never be completely recovered, they most always go into a community they have helped and tout "look how we help you. now YOU give to US", and the list goes on and on.... and now this??

The Daily Fix: Ward Off Mosquitoes

Jun 3rd 2010 5:49PM i live in Texas and believe me, we HAVE MEQUITOS! i'm sorry the dryer sheets didn't work for you, but that doesn't mean it won't work for everyone. everyone has a different chemical make-up. for me and my friends, we've used dryer sheets for years and they work very well. as i said in my post, if you want something stronger, just wet them and wipe exposed areas with it, but in your pocket or on your belt is an easier way to go without the danger of toxins.
it is a suggestion. please don't discount it for everyone simply because it didn't work for you.

One in Five Google Searches Leverage Personal Data

Mar 5th 2010 6:10PM i might suggest using it's a meta-search engine and every search helps animals! thanks!

Secrets your dentist doesn't want you to know

Aug 27th 2009 1:28PM i appreciate all that you dentists do, but isn't there a way for dental work to be affordable? i was hit in the jaw a few years back,(i'm disabled) lost several teeth and now need exstensive work but can't find a dentist that will work with me. every one that i have contacted have either refused to help, made the price so high that i can't afford it, and most insurances and plans have such low limits of payment, its not worth the money.
the local dental association is no help and neither was the local dental college. i understand you have high over-head, but can't you folks come up with something to help those of us who really need it instead of lining your pockets with vain 'whitenings' and cosmetics? noble profession?? i'm trying hard to believe that.


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