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Jeff Hail

Jeff Hail

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Jon Jones Takes Unexpected Turn as Crimefighter Before Winning UFC Belt

Mar 20th 2011 12:04PM Mr. Jones, Good job! Anything could have happened to you. Shot, stabbed etc. Your are a hero not because of your MMA talents but because of your good heart!

Michael Dyer Turns in Biggest, Most Unlikely Play in BCS Championship

Jan 11th 2011 7:46AM Quack Quack little duckies...ROAR said the mighty Tiger!

Scare Tactics

Sep 19th 2010 1:02PM I feel you Man...exactly what I would have done and it would have been wrong so next time...
Go to the bullies house and confronted their parents with what has been happening.
Let the parents beat their butt. Also file a police report and go to the school admin. Then you have done all you can as a Father. If it happens again...Hire an 8th grader to beat their as*!!!

Terry Bradshaw Bashes Ben Roethlisberger, Other NFL Stars

Sep 3rd 2010 8:57AM Mr. Terry Bradshaw, your teams of the past are what football and manhood were all about. I just came through Pittsburgh and ate at an old deli off 10th street bridge touted to have the best sandwiches in town, they did, but what got me was the old pix of the Pirates and Steelers. I seen the pix of you with blood coming out of your nose and on your hands, I didn't see no diamond cluttering up that pix! Don't be too hard on the players. It starts at the top with Management paying these thugs way too much money.

Peyton Manning...When they were 3-13 I could walk by him and no one would notice but now!!! Take care.

Chael Sonnen Loses a Heartbreaker to Anderson Silva at UFC 117

Aug 8th 2010 10:46AM The only way to beat MR. Silva is to do it in the first 1-2 minutes of the 1st round. All out blitz, beat and bang and stay on him until either he is out or you are....

How to Repair Drywall

Aug 7th 2010 3:48PM Good Idea...I will try that today.

Immigration: Arizona Cracks Down (What If They're Wrong?)

Apr 28th 2010 7:41AM Right is Right Wrong is Wrong. They are wrong in coming here illegal. We are wrong for not addressing this 100 years ago. They, once legal, would be a positive to our Country. GOD fearing, Family oriented, hard working people.
Who voted down same sex marriage in CA?
Lets add check in stations, where we vote at, across the Counrty and run security checks right then, like we do gun buyers, clear them and either send them home, jail or process them for Citizenship. Any one that does not comply, show the I.D. card given them at the check in station will be rounded up like the criminal they are, jailed and forbidden along with their Family, to ever come back to America.

Confederate History Month Honors Deadliest Traitors in U.S. History

Apr 28th 2010 7:22AM Lets look at it this a New Yorkers (true Northern States) ancestors anything negative and they will debate it for weeks and take a vote on it then do everything "legal" to knock you down and keep you down. Call a Southern Boys family a traitor and He will grin, knock you down and say they did what they believed was right to protect their Mother (their Home State). Then they will offer you a hand up and ask "Deed chay eet yet? Come oun in Friend"
Thats the difference between Northerns and Southerns.

Time for a Separation of Church and Sports?

Feb 24th 2010 9:57AM Only 1 GOD! Only 1 Son of God...Jesus. There is only 1 all others are conterfiet and wishful thinking.
1 story still sticks with me to this Day...I knew a couple who worked at Eli Lilly. At Christmas everyone was told to take down all their religious items. Only secular items could remain.I said I hope you fought that and screamed bloody murder! They said "No, we don't need to display a cross to show off Jesus, we do it everyday through the lives we live, we prove the Lord by our love shown to others. GAME SET MATCH! I am not worthy...working on it though. Their story inspired me to do better.

The Case for Keeping Mitch Daniels on the GOP Short List for White House 2012

Feb 24th 2010 9:45AM My Man Mitch for President and Mike Pence for Vice President...they are modeled after John Wayne and Ronald Regan with a little Will Rogers and Red Skelton thrown in to keep you entertained.
Bring back decency, common sense and good ole Country Boy values to our highest office!

(Go Colts)


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