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Squatters Claim $2.7 Million Texas Mansion

Dec 9th 2011 11:47AM Sorry Heidi,
You are Blaming Obama?

Lets us review why the US is over 14 Trillion in National Debt.

When Barack Obama took office the National debt was $10.6Trillion. At the Time Obama took office Congress had already approved another $400 Billion in spending for that year. George Bush's revenue shortfall for the last year in office was $600 Billion short of original estimate. In addition the annual sustaining costs for the wars in IRAQ and Afghanistan was another $330 Billion. Those items mentioned above brought the National Debt to approximately $12 Trillion without even figuring the interest on the additional monies borrowed.

In addition the last budget George Bush signed set our spending level at $3.1 Trillion, which meant that even if spending in the next two years was capped the United States still would have an additional $1 Trillion Deficit for each of those years. So the United States was effectively at $14 Trillion in National Debt no matter who was running the show..

So, you want to put another Republican in office? This country can't afford another Republican.

Squatters Claim $2.7 Million Texas Mansion

Dec 9th 2011 11:42AM Heidi, if anything Rick Perry is the Governor of the state of Texas. Don't elect this bone head for anything. Not even Dog Catcher.

Deputies Refuse to Evict 103-Year-Old From Home

Nov 30th 2011 5:41PM John McCain got 52 Percent of the Vote in the 2008 Election. So Georgia was a Red State in 2008.

Miss Universe clarifies fraud allegations tarnishing Angola's crown

Sep 15th 2011 3:08PM Oh Please. Get over the fact that your Republican Candidate lost the last election! This article is about beauty queen's not Politics. I have to say I am not shocked that there is controversy at a Donald Trump run event though!

Santa Monica Latest City to Fight to Get Circumcision Ban on Ballot

Jun 6th 2011 5:14PM It is a known fact that circumcision is a healthy practice for the prevention of the spread of STD's. This single act could raise the cost of health care in Santa Monica. By increasing the spread of Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Figures, Only in California...

Teacher Says She Doesn't Regret Punching Student in Face

Jun 6th 2011 2:53PM This kid should never be allowed back at this school. He can go to the district's special school. However, not back to that school.

Parents Upset After School Yearbook Lists George W. Bush, Dick Cheney as Worst People of All Time

Jun 2nd 2011 3:11PM Elmo,

I think the list the Kids have Chosen is a pretty good one. Obama doesn't belong on a list like that. He has been in office only Two years and has had to spend his time cleaning up George W Bush and Dick Cheney's mess. I say Good List...

Are You Guilty of Housesnarking?

May 10th 2011 2:22PM Many women are like this. No surprise..

Confessions of a Mother: Guilty Things Moms Secretly Do

May 6th 2011 2:58PM I was at a Dallas Stars Game in March of 2011, and the woman sitting behind me scolded a 14/15 year old kid in the next section over for not standing at attention during the National Anthem. About 8 minutes in to the Game a man from the next section comes over and starts throwing a fit at this woman for reprimanding his son. The man said he fought in Desert Storm and that because he did, it gives his son the right to not have to stand at attention during the National Anthem. He fought for that right. Well, OK, however, then he threw in a bunch of colorful language, and My 15 year old daughter with her 2 other 14 year old friends became collateral damage because of this man's vulgarities. Why can't people just mind their own Business.....

DIY Decline: Are Men Less Handy Than They Used to Be?

Apr 26th 2011 10:42AM What a ridiculous article. I am a 50 year old man. I Cook, Clean, do Laundry, clean the windows, vacuum the carpet, cut the grass, trim the shrubs, trim the trees, change the oil, replace alternators, replace batteries, do brake jobs. I also have an incredible Home Theater system that I put together myself, and a Computer that I built from the mother board up. I also raise my 15 year old daughter who is a 3 time National Honor and National Junior Honor Society member. Now if I could just find a woman that would do one thing..... "Not Cheat on me". Did I mention that I earn a Six Figure Income and am darn close to a Seven figure Net Worth???


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