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Makeover Diaries: A Beach Babe Turned Soccer Mom

Dec 6th 2010 5:45PM She looks fine either way. I believe that if you look good in something and it makes you feel good, wear it. I doesn't matter what people think or how old you are. She didn't make herself look like a slut, the clothing is tasteful and the look does not in any way denote a look only a teenager or someone in their 20's would wear. Hey, if Cher and Jane Fonda in their 60's can look good and wear whatever they want so can you. Go for it!! Why do people have to look like some frumpy old person just because their over 40. We don't have to follow suit to previous generations. Keep it as long as you can and own it!!

A. Testoni Offers World's Most Expensive Men's Shoes

Oct 17th 2010 3:02PM Never in a million years would I ever spend that kind of money on a pair of shoes, even if I were rich. Sorry, I just can't see it. Can you imagine what can be done with $38,000 dollars? I can not only get myself a decent pair of shoes with excellent comfort and design, but I could also get a car and help get someone off the streets and make their life just a little bit better. There are so many things I could do. Pay any debt I may have and put money on a house, a house people, not shoes!! How nuts can they be!

A Backyard Makeover in Brooklyn

Oct 4th 2010 1:03PM I'm sorry, I do not see much of an after pic. Although it looks a little better than it did, it's certainly not post worthy. Much more needs to be done for the WOW factor. They probably had a very small budget to work with and that's all that could be done and they should be proud of their update because it's their home, but not for the internet.
Someone mentioned the landlord might not want an improvement done for whatever reason, to that I say screw that landlord. I feel, as long as they aren't destroying the place and not putting some outlandish color on the deck and fence, I say do it. Besides from the look of the fence & deck, I'd say the landlord never cared about the place to make the proper improvements & protecting the wood on the deck and perhaps a much better fence, that thing looks like it saw it's last season. So, why should the landlord worry so much about the tenant destroying it, it's already destroyed looking. It's their sanctuary and they should have pleasant surroundings. After all, they are the ones that are paying the mortgage (indirectly), plus profit, not the landlord. That's the way I see it. I'm a renter and although there are some improvements I wouldn't make to the structure of the house without the landlord's permission, at least painting, wall & floor techniques within reason are my surroundings and I would want to be happy and comfortable in my own home. After all, I'm the one that pays for it and I'm the one that has to look at it. It should look the way I want it, but in good taste & being courteous to the value of the home. I would never live in a home where the landlord is being ridiculous, they would never dictate the way I'm going to live. There are way too many bad landlords out there, trust me, I've met them and wanted nothing to do with them. Some landlords can be pretty cool to work with and actually care about the home they don't live in. After all, it's their investment and care that their tenants have nice surroundings but trying to find them is a huge task. Our landlord doesn't bother us improvement wise, They know we don't destroy and know we're going to take good care of the place.

Move Over Miley - Gaby Could Be the New Tween Dream

Oct 2nd 2010 11:09PM The girl was terrific and the choreography was excellent. Having said that it was too adult too soon for the girl. Although I like the song, it wasn't an appropriate song for an 11yr old. I don't think she needs to wait a few yrs because she is very good & if she loves entertaining she should do it but music for her age and then she can grow from there as she gets older.

'Ferris Bueller' Star Jeffrey Jones Pleads Guilty to Sex Offender Registration Charges

Sep 29th 2010 1:00PM Are you an idiot? It doesn't matter, you can't go around taking pictures of naked children ever! A person is just as guilty as if he touched him and how do you know he didn't. He's a pig in a big way. He violated a child's innocence.

Kate Gosselin at Emmys: Lookin' for a Job (and a Man)

Aug 30th 2010 1:19PM I have the answer for Kate. They should put her on one of those shows that teaches people how to control their children and husbands (husbands, that was a joke). She can go on another show on organizing one's house. The perfect job for Kate. A dancer & actress, absolutely not!! Having said all that, you have to respect that she runs a tight ship at home. It is difficult to run a home with children when your the only one doing it and there's a spouse that couldn't take initiative to help make things run smoothly. On the other hand, if Kate was always trying to control him all the time, I can understand his withdrawl, however, he is a man and father and should have taken initiative to help without her having to tell him what he should do. She is a control freak and needed to lighten up a bit and life at home would be a lot less stressful. She sometimes needs to take a happy pill. Her oldest daughter picked up on her mother's spoiled, rotten & controlling disposition. I noticed that when she was 3.

Michael Jackson's Kids Start School For First Time

Aug 28th 2010 1:31PM I'm glad they are starting to live somewhat of a normal life vs. continuing to be reclusive and wearing head coverings, not normal by any standard. The young boy blanket at age 8 is not too young to start regular school. Having said that I can understand why he's not there now. He will no doubt have serious social issues going around with the name Blanket. It sound so baby like a name to give any person. What was Michael thinking!! Blanket is an object not a person's name. Perhaps it's great for a pet's name. Picture him at 20 or 30 years old with people calling him Blanket. Even the nickname Blank has a negative connotation. It's not fair to the boy. Change his name already for pete's sake! It's in his best interest.

Opinion: Banning 'D' Grades Puts Undue Pressure on Students

Aug 12th 2010 1:30PM A child with learning disabilities obviously needs a different type of instruction and grades, therefore cannot be in the same category with the ABC grading they are proposing for regular schooling. That's something totally different. As for ABC grading for regular schooling, I feel it is a good decision because if a child is failing, he or she is going to get a C anyway versus a D, so what does it matter. Kids will make the adjustment, they are resilient people and will go with the flow. They won't be going through any more pressure than the children that excel abroad. They are made to study more than our children in our own country and they're doing just fine. The parents need to have a loving and nurturing home and interest in their children's education. They need to interact with their children more. Some do that, but many do not, they get lazy with their children. Sure they work and are tired, but that is the path they took when they chose to have children, to teach them to be the best they can be in life. It's a priority for parents. As for the teachers, some are just there for the paycheck, and that's sad, but most want these children to excel. The education their students receive reflects on their teaching abilities. There is still room for improvement in the school system. Education also needs to be fun for the students. If someone comes up with a fun way to teach, the children won't lose interest and get bored, hence good grades.
Let's take Alton Brown from the Food Network for instance. I know it's about food, but I'm talking about the vast amount of food knowledge he posses's and the way he executes that knowledge making it fun and interesting. Your going to retain more of that information than someone just explaining it in a boring way. Teachers and the school system needs to Interact with the school children in a fun knowledgeable way. I think our education system needs to be revamped along with more parent interaction.

New Jersey's Little Adolf Hitler Won't Be Coming Home Soon

Aug 6th 2010 7:46PM It is clear that the mother and children are in danger of their lives from her husband. It also sounds like it naming of the children was his idea. You just don't name your children after someone like that. There's something seriously wrong, warranting the authorities to intervene and take these children. Not only that, this goes beyond anyone's rights in naming their children what they want, it's just wrong on any level. I believe the court and have the mother or the courts re-name these children immediately. They will be scarred for life with those names and the children have the right to a proper name and a proper life with people that love them unconditionally.

'I Bad-mouthed My Mother-in-Law on a Blog -- Then She Found Out'

Aug 3rd 2010 12:14AM There was nothing wrong with your blog about your MIL. You have absolutely nothing to apologize about. When your MIL is always insulting you, it can become hurtful and frustrating when all you want is to get along. You have the right to vent. You also have the right to vent to her face. Your probably depressed because of what your going through with your MIL. I know, I went through that with mine a long time ago, and what good did it do her, she's not here anymore. She wasn't even kind to my children her own grandsons, just her other grandaughters from one of her other children. She even treated her own son differently than her own daughters and I'm not talking genderwise. I guess because she didn't get along with her MIL, she wasn't going to get along with me. Did she think this was a tradition? I let a lot of it ride out of respect for my husband and his family, when in fact I should have spoken up immediately to let her know she was being rude. She mostly did this to me when no one else was around. My husband would have understood but I wanted to keep the peace and said nothing until one day I had enough and spoke up. I wasn't mean but let her know by no uncertain terms that I didn't like how I was treated and went into detail. She realized she couldn't do that to me anymore and treated me a little bit better. But, by then I saw her in a different light than other people saw her. I knew what she was all about and saw right through her and she knew it right then. I didn't like her that much anymore but simply tolerated her and that was it. She would go to church on Sunday', receive holy communion and walk right out and judge me and other people. Why bother going to church if someone's gonna do that. I ultimately refuse to treat my daughter-in-law or any future DIL's that way. I make sure
I 'm never mean or make derogatory remarks toward her in any manner even if she has toward me. I speak my mind but never in an insulting way and I let her know that I'm not about to go into that ugly place. I love my daughter-in-law, the woman my son chose to marry and the mother of my grandchildren. It's important to keep the peace and never insult each other. Sure, family members are going to get on each others nerves from time to time, usually about a disagreement or an issue of some sort, but that's no reason to hate each other and make insults. Not every family lives the same lifestyle either, some are neater than others and some have different ideals. As long as they aren't harmful to themselves or their family members, then all is well.


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