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How Now: Farmer's Market Edition

Aug 31st 2009 6:25PM I actually work at farmers markets! Good pieces of advise above, here are a few more:

Decide if you're shopping for quality or price. You can find some very delicious organic produce, if that's what you're looking for. You will pay more for that. You can also find non-organic produce that will cost less.

Honestly, I've found that whether or not produce is organic has very little relation to the quality of the food. If the produce looks good (and smells good), it's going to taste good. Organic or not becomes a ethical choice.

Ask for samples. Most vendors sample some of their product but they may have forgotten to put out the sample jar. If I'm at a market and I want a snack I'll just walk up and down the aisles grabbing a sample from each of the other vendors. (Don't take more than one though, that's just rude.)

And lastly, don't get annoyed at the vendors. Not every one does the end of market sales mentioned above. A customer getting annoyed at me because I won't give them a discount is not going to make me change my mind!

--Victor, bread seller


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