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A New Start Helped Tammy Lose 140 Pounds

Apr 9th 2011 1:26PM Also, Donna, I'm a nurse who had back problems and couldn't exercise either. I started out literally by lying on my back and lifting weights with my arms- light weights, very slow and controlled movements. There is a leg press machine too, where you sit and press your back up against a back support. Again, low weights, slow movements. Also, I can manage a treadmill with a slight incline. The more I do, the better my back gets. Just don't do any lunges and hold off on the sit ups until you are sure you can do them without pain.

Getting Laid Off Pushed Richard to Shed 155 Pounds

Apr 9th 2011 1:10PM Oh, sure, I believe you're not selling anything, you sound like a criminal. For one thing, you post under John, but then say contact you @stephania. Then again, your use of the English language is so poor it leads me to believe you are not in or from a country where English is spoken. Nigeria maybe? You have 100,000.00 dollars to give me but need 1,000.00 before you can access the money? Riiiggghhhht.

Charlie Sheen Voluntarily Enters Rehab; 'Two and a Half Men' on Hiatus

Jan 28th 2011 10:59PM Yep-I agree. I'm surprised that they think he is going to rehab. Maybe they did a drug screen on his blood work and found the cocaine and alcohol to be present? Only reason I can think of- he might feel it best to do that and throw off the law, if possible. He'll get himself busted soon, this one is too easy. Did a world of good for Robert Downy Jr, and look at him now! Could be the only way to save this guys life at this point.

New Book - 'Dog, Inc.' Covers the Inside Story of Cloning Man's Best Friend

Jan 4th 2011 7:09PM I wonder if they have the same problem with dog clones thqt they have with cloned cows. The cloned cows are huge (which makes them able to produce lots of milk) and have to be born by C- section. I've read that some of them are 5 times larger than an ordinary cow. They look really bizarre-they are mostly a huge udder w/4 legs. They can't walk around without stepping on their udder, and are constantly being treated for foot infections. And it's all about money. Sounds like dog cloning is all about money too.I think this type of business needs regulation to protect the animals from abuse. What happens to the dog who gives birth to the clones? How many litters is one animal forced to have? When she can no longer give birth, is she then killed off? Too much potential here for animal abuse, all for the stupid idea that you'll get your same pet. Americans seem to have a problem with death in general (I'm an RN, so in 32 years I've seen alot of people who were dying). As a rule they are all shocked to hear they will die. Even if they're 90. As a young nurse I remember another (stupid) nurse saying to a woman dying of cancer "I don't know how you can stand knowing you are dying" The ladies response was priceless-"the only difference between me and you is that I know when. None of us gets out of this alive" We should accept that our pets have a certain number of years, and I agree that there are too many dogs waiting at shelters for a loving home. I saved my Great Dane - he was at the shelter and they were going to put him down the next day. He's a wonderful dog, but nothing would ever make a clone with his personality. He was terribly ill and so thin and weak he could barely stand- he had been out in terrible cold and winter storms when a family took him to the shelter. He is my constant companion- he doesn't like me out of his sight for an instant. He had a bad start in life, but he came through with a great, gentle personality. No way could that be cloned.

Michael Vick Wants to Get a New Dog

Dec 17th 2010 8:18PM Poor Michael! His takeaway from this should be that he can raise responsible children who understand the difference between right and wrong. There's an old Bible verse about the sins of the father being visited upon the children- and in this case it is true and should remain true. This guy has the money to have a lifestyle most can only dream about. So he and his children have to do without? Too bad, buddy, lots of us (and our children) have to do without things we want. Join the crowd. And I agree with the poster who noted that most serial killers start by killing animals. No second chance here- he tortured and killed innocent dogs, why should another dog be put at risk just because he "wants" one.

Dog on Death Row Seeks Pardon From Florida's Governor

Dec 10th 2010 4:08AM I'm glad your dog made it. Sounds horrific. Those people should not own dogs. In England they ban people for years or life from owning a pet for behaviour like that. We should too. Also, the problem with this law is that it's a stupid law- and as any One-strike law doesn't allow for the use of common sense, so I hope they re-write this law or go by the state law which in Fl is currently 2 strikes.

Brandie the "Death Row" Husky Gets To Go Home

Dec 10th 2010 3:50AM Jacksmom- . My great Dane fights w/his feet- he weighs 150 lbs and never uses his teeth, but he slaps out at dogs that rush hiim. One that small he would kill. He doesn't know how big his feet are. He's gotten me a couple times in my legs by mistake, and it can knock me down. Would he deserve a death penalty too?

Brandie the "Death Row" Husky Gets To Go Home

Dec 10th 2010 2:42AM Thank you and I agree- people seem to think they are part of the dogs "pack" and then they think the dog is like a person.

No, they are your dog, and you are the owner. Sheesh.

Brandie the "Death Row" Husky Gets To Go Home

Dec 10th 2010 2:33AM I beg to differ w/you. We raised toys and teacups for years, and because many owners or people like you seem to think they are so small, it's just "tee-hee, look at the little devil" instead of keeping their animal under control. I had one I bought- weighed a couple lbs and bit my daughter when she walked by it. (I found the dog a home w/an older couple w/no children and warned them- she turned out just fine.)
That huskie is old and probably blind, can't move much w/arthritis, may not even have known it was a dog. But he was leashed, that small dog was not. But ANY breed can and may aggress, even poodles. The little dogs owners seem to think it was OK to let it escape into the yard- what if it had been hit by a car? You make no sense when you say a poodle isn't aggressive. And these are dogs, not people, so they don't stop to think "well, is this a fair fight or is this a little dog?" It's a dog, and they both did what dogs do. This Huskie should not be put down.

Brandie the "Death Row" Husky Gets To Go Home

Dec 10th 2010 2:13AM I have a Great Dane- his paws are larger than my hands. He was at daycare one day, playing in the yard, when a smaller dog, about 40 lbs, a newcomer, suddenly charged him. It happened so fast no one could do anything. He has never bitten anyone or any animal(not even a small bird he caught and brought to me). When the dog charged, and got too close, mine swung one big foot and the other dog was flung in the air and had a hard landing. His owner screamed at me and said I had to pay damages (he had injured a leg when he fell). Fortunately, this was a witnessed incident, and no one blamed me or my dog.
I get tired of leash walking my big Dane only to have owners of smaller but sometimes viscious dogs let theirs off the leash even when I am telling them their ddog is aggressive and needs to be leashed. On one other occasion, an owner disregarded all rules and let his large dog off the leash- it charged straight at me and my dog while the owner watched and said notthing! On that occasion, my dog literally leaped up in the air off all 4 feet and shoulder rammed that dog off its feet. It slunk away back to it's owner who didn't seem pleased it had lost.
Very large dogs like mine (150 lbs) but very tall and deep-chested, can easilly hurt another dog with a foot slap or well placed shoulder, not to mention he has the most enormous teeth! I dont know why people think ir's OK for smaller dogs to run growling, snarling, straight for my dog- and people expect me to control MY dog? I do- but he outweighs me by 60 lbs.! He is 4 and has never bitten, he does not even lick. But I am often afraid that when he gets older and can't leap up or see to slap them with a paw, he might bite. And anything very small will lose. Please everyone, with any breed, safeguard your dogs, and stop trying to bully the small lady with the enormous dog- it is stupid!


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