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5 Shortcuts to a Perfect Lawn

May 29th 2010 3:50PM The comments about leaving clippins is interesting considering I am a greens superintendant at a golf course and have been for 30 years. I wonder why all golf courses catch their clippings? Come on people, dont believe what this non professional wrote about clippings. The clippings add to the biggest problem in lawns....(thatch) do your research before you believe someone that has no degree in this.

Some Parents Revolt Over Obama's Planned Speech to Children

Sep 7th 2009 10:21AM Laura, you have some serious issues. Watching an Obama Address on TV is one thing. We have a choice to watch or NOT to watch. At school, they will have NO choice. You do realize this is what they do in North Korea, China and Cuba, correct? If you dont know that, you are very weak minded.


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