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The Dangers of Laundry Detergent Overload

Feb 6th 2010 12:53PM I agree. The measuring line inside the dispenser is about 4 times what is needed since the detergent companies keep making the HE detergent more and more concentrated. You barely need to cover the bottom of the dispenser. My Sears maintenance man told me this. You only need a tablespoon. If you can run your front loader empty and still see a load of bubbles, you have overused detergent. Too many bubbles makes the tub overflow, ruin some major part which I don't remember, void your warranty, and necessitate getting a new machine because the repair is too expensive.

75 Percent of Young Americans Are Unfit for Military Duty

Nov 4th 2009 7:20PM Maybe we are killing off all the 'fit' people, leaving us with 'unfit' genes to repopulate. Sign up the 'unfit' and get them 'fit' to serve like the rest.

Vermont Teen Going to the Slammer for 'Sexting'

Sep 7th 2009 10:42AM No, not right. The article missed important information, such as, some of the girls were forced to send him pictures. Also, he forced a 14 yr old into a locker room and forced her to perform sexual acts. He and his friends bullied the girls that told on him. His defense was that he only got in trouble because he was black. Find the rest of the article at in the archives under So. Burlington.


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