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Whipping Your Hair Is 'Supposed to Make You Scared' Says Willow Smith

Dec 22nd 2010 11:00PM What's the matter with most of you people? Where have you been? Has your head been in the sand?! She is 10 years old, and this is what 10 year-olds like! Leave her be. She's a child. Her talent will continue to develop; at least she can carry a tune. Her parents are show biz people, so of course, their kids will be exposed to it. What's wrong with that?! It seems that a lot of you are just JEALOUS of the success of the Smith family. I'm happy for all of them! GO WILLOW.... you are adorable!!

Opinion: Careful, Son, Your Helping Hand Could End Up in Cuffs

Jun 17th 2010 4:28PM This is so stupid! Do you think this boy, cause that's what he is - would attempt a kidnapping while shopping with his mother? Would they come back into the store and continue shopping?! It doesn't make any sense. They accuse him because he is BIG and BLACK! Just admit it!

The Dangers of Laundry Detergent Overload

Feb 6th 2010 5:28PM Don't most front loaders have a maximum line where the detergent goes? Mine does, and it's 6 years old! I couldn't possibly put more detergent than the machine can handle. I don't understand why it's such a difficult thing for the writer. Many times I use less detergent than recommended, but I ALWAYS use detergent. I don't agree with the philosophy of washing with water alone. Not when I have two teenage boys.... sorry, but no!

What Can I Get You Folks? - Where Your Leftovers Go

Jan 24th 2010 10:54AM That is just vile, disgusting and dangerous. You would have to be really dumb to do such a thing. No telling what disease someone is carrying. And you cannot watch one table, every second, if you are a server; you don't know what goes on when you turn your back from the table. Come to think of it, I think that this author made this up just to have something to write! But the thought of it, turns my stomach.

Arizona Teacher on Leave After Taking Students to Hooters

Dec 21st 2009 2:51PM People, please read the article. Firstly, the teacher is a woman, secondly, it was a CHOIR, that implies a private school with uniforms or a moral dress code. How many public schools have "choirs"? I assume that some of the choir members were offended (which is their right) by the attire of the waitresses. Personally, I have never been to Hooters, but know about the attire, and do not agree that it is the place for a school "outing". If parents want to take their kids there, that's fine. Is the food even any good, or is it the attire that attracts the majority of clientele?!

Malin Akerman Wants to 'Mess Up' the Obama Marriage

Sep 12th 2009 10:29AM She sounds just a little uneducated! Celebrities think it's "cool" to say offbeat things, but she just sounds like she's very, very short on intelligence.


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