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The Daily Fix: Ward Off Mosquitoes

Jun 3rd 2010 3:35PM Get a Mosquito Magnet. I live in Sweden, near a lake and that machine is incredible in making backyard activities enjoyable. Fika on the porch anyone?

Perfect White Jeans - How to Find Them For Every Body Type

May 25th 2010 3:38AM Great comment. Eat less, move more. Nice job!

Who Is Elin Nordegren, Otherwise Known as Mrs. Tiger Woods?

Dec 2nd 2009 4:42AM All I can say is näven i ficken ( The fist in the pocket). Swedes are known for their polite culture, however, what is not widely known is that behind closed doors spouses are turned into targets for pent up frustration and rage that should have been released elsewhere in daily life. Before everyone jumps on the Elin support band wagon just remember that what is presented by herself to the public or even to her friends is not the private Elin that Tiger sees. Not by a long shot.

Kanye Being Kanye: Rapper Interrupts Taylor Swift's VMAs Win

Sep 13th 2009 11:02PM Kenny,
First of all this article is about Kanye Moron not Joe Wilson. Second, don't be ignorant of facts. The House Democrats booed George Bush's speeches on numerous occasions. Is this the kind of decorum of which you approve?


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