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Vienna: Lack of Intimacy Ended Relationship With 'Bachelor' Jake Pavelka

Jul 6th 2010 10:34AM Wow...I was stunned at how hateful, arrogant, and disrespectful Jake was to Vienna. Vienna is young and immature, but no one deserves the disdain she received from Jake. Obviously, she was hurt. Anyone who is not receiving the respect and affection of their fiance has a definite right to feel hurt.

It was very obvious that he was concocting lies and allegations against her that he could not substantiate. In this case, he should have been the adult since he chose such a young fiance.

Jake, if you want to be an actor, you failed last night to convince anyone!

Chase Closes in on Too-Sexy Banker

Jun 8th 2010 10:54AM whoa! have none of you ever experienced harassment? I thought she sounded very articulate.

The Daily Fix: Ward Off Mosquitoes

Jun 3rd 2010 2:40PM the dryer sheets work, but i understand that the chemicals in them are carcinogenic.

Hire This Guy: Tory's Update

May 11th 2010 3:12PM Sorry for your woes...but you kinda brought in on yourself when you voted for "Change". How's that workin' for ya?

The 25-Year-Old Girl Who Live-Blogged Her Death

Apr 30th 2010 1:09PM My heart goes out to all of you suffering with this disease. My daughter died of CF in 1978 when she was 7 years old. So much progress has been made in the past 32 years, so don't ever give up hope. In recent years, researchers have identified the gene causing CF. Now they can detect CF before the baby is even born. Because of this, parents can now be tested to determine if they are carriers. In the 1970's lung and liver transplants were only just beginning for CF patients. In those days, we were told that CF wasn't even a "known disease" before 1942. if a child that died of CF before 1942 and before the age of 3, it was determined that they died of pneumonia or tuberculosis. Miracles do happen! I

New Jersey drivers under 21 required to affix red sticker to cars *UPDATE

Mar 26th 2010 11:04AM What we need is common sense. While driving, be on the offensive whether it be a teenager, a new driver, an angry driver, an elderly driver, a drunk driver, or a semi. I agree, this is just another tax and another way for Big Brother to protect us. HA!

5 tax moves that may trigger an audit

Mar 15th 2010 4:26PM I filed my first 1120 this year. I pulled a small percentage of income from the corporation and reported it as consulting income on my personal return. I realize I must pay self employment tax, etc on my personal return but I incorporated in order to avoid filing a schedule C. When I went to turbo tax to fill out my personal return, turbo tax automatically produced a shedule C. The tax calculation appears to be correct, but I did not want to have to file a schedule c in my return. Am I doing something wrong? Should I delete the Schedule C in turbo tax?

Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler Are Steamy in W

Mar 10th 2010 10:11AM Dear Jen go girl! I'm a big fan.

Leno's Oprah Interview: What Jay's Body Language Reveals

Jan 29th 2010 11:13AM You go, JAY!! Letterman, Kimmel, Stewart, and Obrien don't hold a candle to you! You are the BEST!

Watch Susan Boyle's U.S. 'Talent' Debut

Sep 17th 2009 10:26AM I totally agree with you! Kevin Skinner was not worth the million dollars...and I cannot nor would I even pay money to see him. He seems very likeable and sweet....but this contest win was WAY over the top! I would have loved to have seen Barbara Padillo, Voices of Glory or the Texas Tenors win! Now I WOULD pay to see them!


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