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Minute Makeover: Warming Up the Kitchen

Jun 10th 2011 8:51AM The place mats, towels, and pot holders worked well because they were graphic, but why the country curtains and rug in such a sleek, modern kitchen?

A Vintage Bedroom Makeover

May 30th 2011 7:45AM I don't even want to THINK about cleaning that wall!

Mosquito Prevention: The 10 Most Bizarre Tips

May 29th 2011 5:20PM We found (by accident) that a fan will keep help mosquitoes at bay. My dad used to set up an oscillating fan out on the deck to cool things off but we noticed after a while that there were no bugs coming to join our fun. Don't know if they are actually blown away it or just don't like the moving air, but it works!

A Kitchen Makeover Via Black, White and...Roosters?

May 6th 2011 2:47PM While I like white wood for country or cottage kitchens (think white beadboard), I think the "sleek" "modern" white cabinets look cheap, chintzy, and sterile. The mod roosters just look silly and keep the bar counter from being used for seating as it is designed to be. There's no warmth or anything that would make me want to hang around in this kitchen any longer than it takes to nuke a frozen dinner.

Family Kitchen Makeover: From "Ugliest" to Unbelievable

Apr 28th 2011 1:30PM I believe all of the windows are still there (look between the cabinets, above the sink), but the darker cabinets don't reflect as much of it as the old bright white surfaces did.

Family Kitchen Makeover: From "Ugliest" to Unbelievable

Apr 28th 2011 1:24PM It wasn't really THAT ugly. Inconvenient, yes. Bland, yes. But truly ugly? What, are there no 70's kitchens left anymore?

Silica Gel Packets - Unusual Uses

Jan 8th 2011 5:15PM "Recharging" silica gel in the oven works best in an electric oven. Gas ovens produce water as they burn the gas, leading to moist air.

'@#$% My Kids Ruined' (Or, an Argument for Birth Control)

Oct 5th 2010 12:22PM I have a flashlight for work that is practically bulletproof. It's warranty is almost unconditional; the only exceptions are "shark bite, bear attack, and damage caused by children under 5." Love it!

10 Ways to Score That Job Offer

Sep 30th 2010 8:45PM Lots of times, those of us doing the interviews are not recruiters but supervisors and co-workers. My job description does not include conducting interviews, so when I do I'm not just "doing my job."

10 Ways to Score That Job Offer

Sep 30th 2010 8:42PM I wouldn't recommend mailing a letter or card anymore-- it's simply not fast enough. I am often involved in hiring at my job, so I can tell you the e-mailed "thank you's" almost always arrives before the decision is made and the offer sent. Mailed thanks-- even those mailed on the way home from the interview-- rarely make it in time.


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