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Sofia Vergara mulls breast reduction?

Nov 17th 2011 11:18AM They're FAKE!!!

Ricky Martin: Although being gay makes some people uncomfortable, I'll fight for my rights

Oct 17th 2011 10:46AM Hey make great music and that's all that matters. You live your life, I'll live mine. Just keep the great music coming!

Gisele Bundchen: 10 Things to Know About Her

Jul 19th 2011 4:04PM Gisele looks like man with long hair. She does! She has huge masculine facial features. Her husband, Tom Brady is more feminine looking than she is. Brady is very delicate looking. Tom Brady looks like a prancing ballerina on the field in his football pants.

Neil Patrick Harris Announces Engagement to David Burtka

Jun 27th 2011 8:51AM Burtka tweeted back, "I've already purposed, he said yes! Thank god!"

He "purposed?" What the...? Huh...? Wha...?

Cameron Diaz: 5 Style Lessons This 'Bad Teacher' Could Use

Jun 24th 2011 9:00AM Cameron Diaz is kinda old for the clothes she wears. I mean, she's OLD! She isn't so good looking anymore either. She never was good looking, really.

Reggie Bush Dating Kim Kardashian Look-A-Like

Jun 22nd 2011 4:13PM Oh my! How unfortunate, that poor girl looks like a Kardashian! Maybe a plastic surgeon could help her?

Jennifer Aniston Sheer-ly Shows It All Off (Photo)

Jun 22nd 2011 3:21PM That's not Jen!

Hugh Hefner Lets Crystal Harris Keep 3-Carat Engagement Ring

Jun 21st 2011 12:02PM Crystal Harris must have a strong stomach!

Adele 'Ordered to Stop Singing and Avoid Talking' for a Month

Jun 21st 2011 9:35AM Adele, rest up Deary!

Trend Crush: Brad Pitt, David Beckham and Other Celebs Rock the Man Scarf

Jun 21st 2011 9:19AM OK...Brad Pitt is in fashion, hoo-ray! Now if Brad would take some acting lessons, that would be a BIG plus!


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