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The Agony and Ecstasy of Defeat

Nov 8th 2010 8:31PM THIS was one of the great races of all time and Zenyatta deserves consideration as horse of the year. She was out raced, NOT outrun. To look at it another way, if there had only been two horses in this race, who do you think would have won?

Dog Cages -- Temporary Housing for Your Pooch

Jun 29th 2010 9:35AM To make your pet feel more comfortable, put a towel or old sheet over the crate to make it more "cave-like". MAKE SURE YOUR KIDS KNOW NOT TO GO INTO THE KENNEL - let it be your dog's space to retreat when it needs to take a break.

Recipe Rehab: Chocolate Chip Cookies

Apr 16th 2010 9:53AM Well, you'll have the cookies, but they'll be heavy and tasteless. Why not just eat cardboard?

If you maintain a reasonable diet, real butter, real sugar, real chocolate is just fine. And for the lactose intolerant, a rich European-style yogurt can often substitute for sour cream (real sour cream....forget the fake stuff) The minute amount of salt won't impact a low-sodium diet and is necessary for the chemical interaction of the other ingredients.

Is the author getting paid by Wonder Blend? I can't think of another reason to use it....and if so, should disclose it.

Purpose Restoration Turns Trash into Treasure

Feb 24th 2010 9:25AM While some of this was junk the minute it came off the production line, I agree -- their solutions are shoddy and impossible to redress. "Restore" is the last word I'd use, but if you have a piece of cheap, ugly furniture just sand lightly with ultra-high grit and put a coat of paint on it. What they're doing will make you wonder a year from now why you own the piece at all.

The Daily Fix: Replace a Broken Tile

Feb 22nd 2010 11:33AM Can someone help me? I bought a house with a GREAT old bathroom -- with thick tile that I cannot replace. There are two tiles next to the tub where the subflooring warped a little (bad grout from prior owner) and I am worried they will can pull them up easily and I can see that it's just about an inch of the subflooring that is damaged. Is there ANYTHING I can do in that little area to pull up the tiles, level and fix the subfloor? The contractors all say I need to replace the entire floor, which I'd hate to do -- I love the original tiles/colors. Then I can just re-grout the tub to keep it from leaking again...

Christmas vs. Xmas: What's the Difference?

Dec 8th 2009 9:52AM Please look around your church the next time you go. In addition to the Alpha and Omega signs (ask someone to point them out if you don't recognize them) on most altars (they stand for the beginning and the end) you will see many "X's". As the article states, it's only in the Latin alphabet (ie English) that Christmas begins with CHRIST. The "X" is actually more indicative of Christianity since it has been in use to mean His name since the very first days; it was a way of dodging the Romans, who also used the Latin alphabet. By using Greek, early Christians got around bans against their religion.

Education and religion are not mutually exclusive -- and Christianity would be much better off if people decided to concentrate on His teachings, not pettiness. Live your life by actually doing one Christian act for other people every day -- as defined in the Bible, not by a man-made religion -- and you are closer to heaven than all the arguments on earth. Starting with "love thy neighbor" and "his who is without sin may cast the first stone" wouldn't be bad places.

'Southland' Sunk By Gun-Shy NBC

Oct 9th 2009 8:59AM This is one of the best shows on part because it WAS intense and "real". There's always Dark Blue but it's not the same.

Because they HAVE to have Leno on at 10pm we can't have any "adult" dramas?

How stupid can you get?

Why don't they alternate Leno at 9 and 10 on different nights so we can GET some decent tv. Assuming anyone is watching him, any way.

Author Urges Parents To Quit Hovering

Oct 4th 2009 9:23PM YES! Finally someone is putting an end to the business of fear. Check statistics -- "increase" in "abductions" is based on how the Center for Missing and Exploited Children defines "abduction" and the fact that there are more custodial issues with families. You have to dig deep and hard to find the data, which I had to do in preparation for a grant....that we didn't make.

60 Minutes needs to do a job on how bogus that organization is -- the level of overhead, the lack of disclosure, the creation of literally a business based on baseless fear.

Let kids play in the street, let them be creative and invent activities instead of scheduling every minute of the day. Let them walk to school.


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