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The Daily Fix: Get Rid of Fruit Flies

Jul 21st 2010 9:55PM I learned this one from a bartender. Put some fresh basil in a vase near your repels them for a few days.

When Your Child Is the Bully

Mar 13th 2010 12:09PM Enough of the psyco-babble. The new parenting style is what is the problem. Yes our children should be the center of OUR universe, but they are not the center of THE universe. I am sick to death of the parents who believe it is THEIR right to have their little darling run amok in a restaurant, putting on a show for all of us. It is enough to make one gag at times. You know the ones: the ones that allow a toddler to take over a whole mall walkway, or play on the you have to wait, the ones that have SUV sized strollers and because they have precious cargo, they have the right of way. The ones that allow their children to talk to adults as if they are their peers. These little monsters have been allowed to have control whenever they want it and become bullies.

Is Kevin Smith Too Fat to Fly? (VIDEO)

Feb 16th 2010 10:50AM I really do feel for those that are so overweight that they spill over to other's spaces. I have had the misfortune to be seated in the middle seat next to very large people. I paid for my seat, so it is only fair for them to pay for theirs. They really don't know what it is like, as they take the space, and don't GIVE it. I feel badly as it must be humiliating, but to have to sit squeezed without the armrest because someone else needs that extra space can be so lousy (to put it mildly). To say that you "fit" into a seat is rediculous. The fat can squish around and is always in someone elses space..that they paid for and now are uncomfortable, BUT YOU OVERWEIGHT people are. I think that airlines should put in larger seats that cost more and request those passengers to pay extra. I also think that middle seats should be larger period..if u are stuck there..then you should have more comfort. Remember the days when flght attendents treated you with respect? Now you are not a guest, you are nothing more than a nuisance to them. I will never fly with SW again, due to the stupid policy of not assigned seats. It takes forever to board because everyone is trying to find a seat. And doesn't anyone else think it is unfair that when u pay for the seat and space in the overhead compartment, that others that board before you take up all the spaces above? When there are no more spaces, they now have to take the time and put YOUR bag in baggage and undoubtedly does not make the flight. I think that is grossly unfair and the attnendants should pay much more attention to it.

SmackDown: Should Parents Bring Babies Into a Bar?

Jan 25th 2010 10:05AM I am one of those adults (middle aged now with grandhildren) and find it appalling to bring kids into bars. I also hated it when my husband and I would scrounge around for $$ for babysitters when our 4 were young and attempt to go out on the town for "fine dining" (not Applebees). We would be enjoying time away from our little ones only to be accosted by others' children and babies JUST because they had the right to. No one clears a restaurant like unruly kids. I feel bad for the waiters etc when the rest of us who would leave a decent tip..check out early, or have to dodge the little wonders because mom and and think it is cute to show them off running around. The world outside of bars caters to children and the wonder of them. I adore my little ones, but bring them to a "bar"? No way. I also notice in Ireland that pubs are for families and it was lovely to see the families catching up on gossip etc with kids in tow. Also noticed they had a pint..a sandwich and that is it. No one got blotto...that is for BARS. There is a difference.

Sharon Osbourne: Susan Boyle Was 'Hit With An Ugly Stick'

Nov 6th 2009 9:09AM I cannot believe that Sharon stooped so low as to say those vicious (mean girl) things to someone who has an amazing talent. She showed her ugly inside that is for sure..and we all know what counts in life. It wasn't just a snide was vicious. I have zero regard for Sharon now..and never did for her drug abused brain dead has been husband. I hope that we hear a VERY public appology to Susan..voice like an angel and probably the heart of one also.

Goldberg Rips Somers for Swayze Quotes

Sep 23rd 2009 9:38PM Just because Suzanne had a form of cancer does not make her an expert. As far as I know she did not have an advanced cancer that warranted chemotherapy. Not all of us are that lucky. LUCKY being the operative word..that she did not need anything but a lumpectomy. Chemo is a killer...but that is the point to kill as much of the faster growing cells in your body..the ones that are growing out of control. I have been there and am here now because I did have that grueling regimen. Suzanne is not an expert..she is a celebrity that sold books to people grasping for anything..anything.

Levi Johnston: Palin Planned 'Secret' Adoption

Sep 2nd 2009 6:08PM While I do beleive alot of grandparents decide to adopt their grandchildren if the soon to be parents are not responsible enough to take on the task, the issue is the secrecy and the fact that it was to be hush hush. To be honest that is a family affair and it is no ones business....unless one makes themselves out to be the parent and family of the year. Obviously his parents are not stellar parents either. I heard of this secret deal at the start of her campaign. The more I hear about her, thank God we didn't elect her. She is certainly not the straight shooter that she claims to be. More will come out of her cheating on Todd with his business partner etc. She is finished..Conservative Family ass.

Finally -- a Model Who Looks Like Us!

Aug 23rd 2009 11:03AM I am chagrined to hear some of these people who are on the defensive referring to women with a little extra as "cows". There are extremes everywhere you look. I have not heard women who are happy with their bodies as their mates are, calling their ultra-thin sisters "crickets" etc. People just be happy that "other body types" are being celebrated..not just one. That should be the focus. I go to the gym (irregularly) and alot of the women who are obsessed with workouts and their dress sizes are not necessarily happy or sharing their life with anyone. You know who you are..the ones who work TOO hard to achieve the impossible. Have a life changing experience (like cancer) and you will know what matters in life. Beauty and love are in the eyes of the beholder. Do not let the "latent" male designer ones decide what is the ideal woman's figure.

Finally -- a Model Who Looks Like Us!

Aug 23rd 2009 10:36AM Does anyone think about the fact that it is mostly male (gay) designers that are deciding what the female norm should be? The fact that these "girls" are modeling the clothes...THE CLOTHES ..that should tell you something. You are not supposed to notice the is the clothes that are showcased. Woman for eons have needed a certain amount of body fat to produce and sustain children..without it fertility declines. Estrogen is stored in body fat. Men have instinctively gone for a certain amount of fullness/roundness/softness..because it denotes fertility. My husband had a good theory that men who insist on thinness in their women are probably closet homosexuals as they prefer boyish figures. I am not talking petite women or women that slight to begin with..I am referring to women who have to WORK at being rail thin..for the sake of designers. And to make a point, I struggle with keeping my weight at a normal range..I am a 10 - 12, eat healthy and exercise. I will never be a waif, but prefer feminine curves and a good ass :)

Abdul Tweets: I'm Leaving 'Idol'

Aug 5th 2009 11:00AM I just might be more of a fan. Now maybe we get a chance to see more of the "acts" and idol wannabe's than of her dancing, swooning, flirting etc. She is supposed to be a judge, not an act unto herself. I got bored with the same diatribe every time it was her turn to comment.


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