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'Jersey Shore' Cast Gets Mixed Reception in Florence (Video)

May 17th 2011 5:06AM I thought the same thing when I read that sentence. Apparently "The Editors of TV Squad" are a bunch of high school dropouts.

Source: Charlie Sheen 'Destroyed' by Ashton News

May 16th 2011 9:42PM It's painfully obvious that you have broken one too many boards with your head.

Will Ferrell at a Loss About 'Anchorman 2' Delay: 'I Don't Understand'

May 14th 2011 12:49AM I'm sorry, he's not funny. Not now. Not ever.

Will Ferrell at a Loss About 'Anchorman 2' Delay: 'I Don't Understand'

May 13th 2011 11:17AM Sorry, Nico. The Meeker is right. The next time Will Ferrell is funny will be the first time.

Tension Rising Between 'Bonus Mom' LeAnn and Eddie's Ex?

May 10th 2011 5:46AM The fact that she can sing doesn't make her any less of a self-absorbed, vacuous, C%#!.

Lil Wayne Ordered to Pay Over $5 Million to IRS

Apr 4th 2011 3:05PM They ought to fine him an extra five million for shouting bad poetry. As for his "long awaited new album", I think not.

Rosie O'Donnell Thinks Chris Brown Haters Are Racist

Apr 4th 2011 2:59PM No kidding. Rosie is a walking cold shower.

Photo: Courteney Cox, 46, Stuns in Bikini

Mar 30th 2011 8:21PM If she looks "stunning", then the Pillsbury Dough Boy must be a Chippendale dancer. She looks pasty, doughy and 10 pounds overweight. This is why PopEater is such a joke. It only took you two years to stop fawning over "Spivey" while it took the rest of us about two days. Hahaha - idiots. Go ahead delete this - you got no ballz.

Chris Brown Smashes Window After 'GMA' Interview -- 'Everyone Was Terrified,' Says Insider

Mar 23rd 2011 10:07AM Why would anyone be afraid of that little POS? He sux and so does his music.


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