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Should You Sleep With Your Dog? The Pros and Cons of Sharing the Bed

Aug 30th 2010 8:03AM Dogs, like children do NOT belong in your bed. Think about fleas, ticks etc. Prepare a nice bed for them that they know is theirs. Why take a medication like Zyrtec just to have a pet sleep in the bed. I am a dog lover, but no way will one sleep in my bed.

The Daily Fix: Ward Off Mosquitoes

Jun 3rd 2010 2:27PM When working in the yard, take one or two bounce dryer sheets with you and put them on your belt or on you, Mosquitos hate the bounce, you won't be bothered!

Sneak Video Peek at Norwegian Epic

May 27th 2010 7:04PM Last cruise on Carnival was horrible. It was so bad that several nights we chose not to eat in the dining room. Pizza looked better than what was served. People lined up on the stairway to the dining room, not a good safety thing. Entertainment was not good, two nights we walked out. Was glad to get home!!!!!

COLA wars: Social Security beneficiaries won't get a raise next year

Oct 16th 2009 10:57AM I guess you don't know what it is to live on SS payments and try to pay bills. SS is not a "gift", I worked hard and long to pay into the system. I don't expect something for nothing, but I do expect a return on my money. I am still paying into medicare so those who think that is free can think again. I ask for no assistance, and there are people worse off than I am. People who must juggle whether to buy food or medicine. These sure are not the golden years.


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