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TRANSLOGIC 26: Plug-in Hybrid Toyota Prius PHV

Jan 29th 2011 7:06PM "American"? You wouldn't know one if it bit you. The town I grew up in was supported by a huge Ford Assembly plant. Then it closed sending JOBS to Canada. GM did the same thing just 20 miles away. At last count my home state had ZERO jobs form "American" car makers.
Then came Kia building a $1 Billion plant in another falinig town creating 2400 JOBS for American workers. Their quality is as good as anything else on the road. I know. I drive them (and now only them). I support companies that bring jobs to my state. Test drive the NEW Kias/Hyundais and see what I mean. And keep another American at work!

Roddy White Apologizes for Remarks About New Orleans and Saints

Dec 24th 2010 4:52AM Roddy would not be in the spot light at all had it not been for Joe Horn. When Joe left the Saints organization, he took it upon himself to "mature" this spoiled, self centered kid to one of the premiere receivers in the league. I know, I know, he's just a punk kid with talen but he doesn't stop playing until the whistle blows and he BLOCKS down field. There's more than one reason that Roody leads the league right now...

Roddy White Apologizes for Remarks About New Orleans and Saints

Dec 23rd 2010 11:49PM Roddy is still maturing as a person and a player. Read today's excellent SI article about his background and give him some room to breathe. He's no Ochocinco or TO and to portray him as such over a tweet is just overkill.

Keep your head in the game, Roddy. Let your perfomance speak for itself. I'm looking for a world-class game from two world-class teams on Monday night.

McDonald's Gets a Makeover But Will the Food Taste Better?

Sep 27th 2010 7:30AM No - I do NOT eat at McDonald's. I live in a small rural town in the N GA mountains with one each of the top 4 fast food franchises. The local McDonald's is poorly managed with indifferent employees that cannot correctly fill an order at either the drive-through or in the dining area. The competing Burger King boasts a pleasant, courteous staff that has NEVER gotten my order wrong (they double check it before delivery - DUH!). When I DO eat fast food guess which one I visit?
BTW - the grilled hamburger at BK tastes waaay better than the Mickey-D patty...

2011 Kia Sportage bags IIHS 'Top Safety Pick'

Aug 21st 2010 4:54PM AND the best is left for last - they're building Kia's in Georgia! The border town of West Point was decimated when the linen giant left and with no jobs to be found, Kia stepped up and gave 3,000 needy families solid employment.

I do not care where the cars are designed but American families are profiting from the assembly of these fine cars. My '07 Optima was my our Kia and we added a Sportage soon after. With both of these models benefiting from knock out new designs I'm sure I'll be back in the showroom again.

'Predator' vs. 'Predators': How Does the New Version Compare With the Original?

Jul 10th 2010 3:25PM The writer mentioned that TWO of the actors went on to become governors but two MORE of the acting team ran for office as well...
Look it up!

Critical Care With Theresa Brown

Jun 30th 2010 8:35PM Stop eating our own! ANY nurse deserves kudos for ANY success in life. Great job to describe the slings and arrows of our amazing creer choice!
The real impediment to nursing is the ignorance and indifference from our society where more emphasis and importance is placed upon llash-in-the-pan sports figures.
RN, BSN for two decades...

Poll: Mazda2 versus Ford Fiesta

Jun 26th 2010 8:03AM Ford finally gets a nose that doesn't copy the Gilette Fusion razor - and it looks much better than the codfish-eating-a-candybar Mazda. Of course, the Euro-Mazda will handle better. Zoom-zoom and all that...
The question is really if how the US will perceive both models in terms of use and value (especially in this market segment).
Me, I'm not buying a butt-ugly car in any size or price range (hear me, Acura?)
'Nuf said...

Price Patrol: Build a Patio

May 16th 2010 6:38PM Professionals ALWAYS claim to have a monopoly on craftsmanship. My 70 year old father-in-law just completed his third paver-based walkway/patio for the cost of materials only. The finished product facilitated his ability to "flip" his house for a tidy profit which got him that dream house on the lake.

Sure, professionals do a great job - but so can you if you are motivated and posess what he calls "common sense".


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