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Geoffroy P Hilaire

Geoffroy P Hilaire

Member Since Sep 15th, 2006

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'Explain This Image' Will Blow Your Mind

Nov 26th 2009 7:37PM The subway rider is wearing what is called a "ghillie" suit. It allows hunters to hide in grass to stalk their prey. I wore one for Halloween, and got quite a few looks

'Going Out Of Business' store forced to change name

Jun 24th 2009 2:57PM Didn't the Japanese name a town "Usa" (NOT USA) after WW2 so they could say it was "Made in Usa"? I thought I heard that somewhere years ago, and I thought it was pretty clever. Subliminally deceptive, but clever. Also true. However, in this country (USA, all CAPS), I would think that attorneys general would consider that bordering on fraud, as it's the NAME, and not truthful of an impending closure. However, there is no bad press. Good for him.

Joe Montana Sues Ex-Wife

May 9th 2008 5:45PM Joe should have saved face, and just bought the stuff back as she auctions it off, and then contact the next-highest bidder and resell it. If the stuff she's selling was so important to him, why did she end up with it? She obviously needs the money, or just wants to clean house, which is understandable. The amount he pays at auction, then recoups when he sells to the next-highest bidder is probably a heck of a lot less than what he is paying for legal counsel. Just let her do it! There is nothing out of his pocket! He should be happy that at least she's not coming after him for more. Leave her be.

Joe Montana Sues Ex-Wife

May 9th 2008 5:39PM If he's got so much money, why doesn't he just buy all of his stuff back when she auctions it? Then contact the next-highest bidder and sell it to get most of his money back. At least that way he could save face and not go to her level. The difference between HIS highest bid and the NEXT highest bid is probably a lot less than he's putting out for legal representation. If the stuff was THAT important, he should have kept it in the divorce. It's hers. Let her sell the stuff. She obviously needs the money. At least it isn't costing HIM any extra!

Tennis balls: Little. Yellow. Useful.

Sep 9th 2007 3:44PM Another couple of uses- to keep self service gas pumps (that don't have a lock-on device) pumping gas into your car while you check the oil. Another one is to keep the handle of a pressure washer depressed so there is no grip fatigue.


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