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Chris Meloni Leaving 'Law & Order: SVU'

May 25th 2011 7:25PM I will never watch again (sob)

The Best Handmade Holiday Gift I Ever Received

Dec 18th 2010 5:27AM I sooo agree. We have to have those memories of our parents/grandparents to pass on.

Natalie Portman: Her Evolution From Eerily Mature Child Star to Girlish Grown-Up

Dec 4th 2010 6:51PM Portman also played the neurotic step-daughter of Al Pacino in Michael Mann's "Heat".

The Dreaded Office Holiday Party: The Grinch Disguised in Santa's Clothing?

Dec 15th 2009 6:08AM While I did not go to my office Christmas party. By choice. I do love my job and coworkers.

Cockroach Disrupts Rachael Ray's School-Lunch Menu Launch

Oct 28th 2009 7:38PM I was in the grocery store today and there was a HUGE blackbird flying around. There were guys there setting traps. No matter now clean a store/restaurant will be, there will always be things like this happening. Its part of life.


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