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Mom Defends Decision to Give 8-Year-Old Daughter, Britney Campbell, Botox (Video)

May 12th 2011 11:23AM OMG. I can't believe this woman went on TV...THAT IS PROOF, on VIDEO, that she is an unfit Mother....Take the child to therapy NOW...AND THE MOTHER TOO. Someone PLEASE, intercept this child before she it beyond help.

Luxist Giveaway: Tacori Smoky Quartz and Prasiolite Earrings

Sep 27th 2010 5:58PM I would love to 'showcase' these beautiful ear rings by wearing them every day...AND, I would tell everyone how wonderful the luxist web site is..and encourage ALL of them to click on your links.

Martin Short's Wife, Nancy Dolman, Dies at 58

Aug 24th 2010 10:36AM What very sad news. So sorry Martin, may you gain strength from your loving family. Bless you all.

Photos: Jenny McCarthy Parties in Sexy Lingerie

Aug 18th 2010 12:03AM Jim Carey got out just in time.....lucky man to escape unscathed by Jenny's lust for life.....Love what you do Jen for your son, but don't think you are makin him proud of his Mom with this "New Scene in Vegas", but I guess it does bring in some cash..and we can all use more of that Huh???

Shark Week

Aug 13th 2010 6:24PM Hey, curiousity killed the cat, he is JUST REALLY LUCKY that he isn't a cat! Nice footage, and we all got to see a real live CALIFORNIA HUNK! Put HIM on a reality show and everyone would watch it.....

Miley Cyrus Rocks $25,000 Corset in Sexy New 'Can't Be Tamed' Video

May 6th 2010 8:45AM VERY Artistic Video, GREAT MUSIC BEAT, and words are very point blank! And it does speak what the young people are talking about now. Having said the obvious, as a Mom myself, I think it was way tooooooooooooo for a girl her age to be presenting, even though she is a pop star. She is still a kid. BUT, a very RICH ONE TOO from continuing to cut edgy videos. Read recently where she is buying some multi-million $ home with all the money she is making...Hope she has a good rep who is helping her to invest for when her star burns out.

Stray Cat's Actions Alert Woman to Breast Cancer

Mar 13th 2010 5:21PM I can confirm that these things DO HAPPEN....I was operate on in January 2009 with breast cancer. A year or more earlier, my cat "Angel", had 'pawed me' (as cats will do, by kneeding for a long period of time)...and there was discomfort in my breast when she did it.....In thinking .....after my cancer was discovered....I remembered thinking "that hurt Angel." and I did wonder at the time, if something was wrong...only found out something was wrong when I went in for my mammogram and the lump was discovered. Fortunately, it was removed, I underwent only radiation therapy (not chemo), and am doing fine....I love "MY ANGEL" and she is so comforting to me every day.

Dope-Fiend Monkey on the Lam Since 2008

Mar 13th 2010 5:01PM I like PRESTO also....think THAT SHOULD BE HIS NAME....AND, I think we should leave him alone as well...he isn't bothering anyone, he seems to be finding enough food to sustain himself and he is HAPPY...being FREE...LEAVE HIM ALONE.....Monkey is just doing what he was created to do...swinging thru trees and living his life.

'Deadliest Catch' Captain Phil Harris Dies

Feb 10th 2010 9:37AM God bless and keep you Phil. My sincere sympathy to the family. I have enjoyed many hours of TV watching Phil and his crew on Deadliest Catch. Phil showed his caring for his crew in a different way, but as a woman, I could always see that he cared for them all and for their safety at all times. He will now watch his boat with love and kindness even though he isn't "onboard" his spirit will always be with his crew and family.

Free Hershey's candy Pieces

Feb 2nd 2010 1:01AM NO FORM AVAILABLE TO FILL OUT>>>HERSHEY SUCKS American, or better yet, in this hard economy make your own chocolates and have fun with your kids and family doing it...At least you know it's fresh and what's in it....


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