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Lindsay Lohan Guilty of 'Poor Judgement,' Not Probation Violation

Jun 23rd 2011 4:18PM Gotta concur with Ms Osborn on this one. Ms Lohan is out of control and allowed the leisure to do so. This is just another example of our judicial system breaking down. Someone is failing this young lady terribly badly. She needs help! Before she really gets bad!

Name My (Sweet) Ride for a Chance to Win a HP Veer phone

Jun 15th 2011 8:45AM It looks like a "Silver Bullet" to me.

Report: Ex-'Housewife' Danielle Staub Dating Ray J

May 13th 2011 10:09PM She gives 50 year old women a bad name! The woman is just nasty! Can't believe Ray J needed the press that badly!!!

Police Use Pepper Spray to Subdue 8-Year-Old at School

Apr 6th 2011 5:03PM Excuse me, BUT, it starts at home! When I was growing up, I knew that if I was disrespectful to a teacher or administration, I was in DEEP trouble when I got home! Today, parents don't control their children or teach them respect and they expect the teachers to do it. That is NOT the teachers' job! Their job is to TEACH, not control an out-of-control brat! My own children behave and respect their superiors and know that to be disrespectful or violent towards a teacher or other will result in discipline. AT HOME!

Kate Gosselin Worries About Having to Get a Real Job

Apr 4th 2011 11:40PM When she was married, she didn't prance around in high heels and extremely low cut blouses and flaunt a bikini everywhere! What kind of message is she conveying to her children? Sex sells?

Bro, Go Retro At These 7 Drive-In Theaters

Apr 2nd 2011 10:09AM Graham Drive-In, Graham, Texas

Parents Try to Scare Daughter With Trip to Police, but They're the Ones Busted

Feb 24th 2011 5:01PM In expecting (or asking) the Police to punish their child, these parents did their child a great disservice. They should be teaching their child that the Police are "good" people and friends and are always available in the event of an emergency. In using the Police to frighten the child, they're sending the message that the Police are bad. If this child ever needs help from the police as a child, she will be afraid to go to them for help!

Majority of Americans Believe Pets Have Psychic Powers

Jan 12th 2011 8:39PM Thirty years ago, when we were first married, my ex-husband had a cat that hated me. He would hiss and scratch me whenever he got near me, or squeeze between us whenever my husband and I sat together.
One night, while my husband was at work the cat suddenly decided I was his very best friend! He wouldn't leave my side! He would wrap himself around my neck, plant himself on my lap, nuzzle my face and neck and continually rub himself all over me. To the point he frightened me. I would just pet him and allow his affection, but, I was leery of him.
Suddenly, a neighbor beat on our apartment door and warned me to take immediate shelter in the center of the apartment as a tornado was bearing down on us! I was bearly able to climb into the bathtub (with the cat) and pull the mattress off our bed over us when the tornado passed nearby. No serious damage was done to our apartment building, but, after that day, if the cat got friendlier with me than usual, I paid close attention! He did become a little more affectionate with me since I shared my shelter with him.

The Best Handmade Holiday Gift I Ever Received

Dec 17th 2010 10:42PM What a wonderful memory! Like Jen, I, too had a great-grandmother that crocheted! However, my great-grandmother, "Granny" to all of us, taught me to crochet! And, I still crochet to this day! As a matter of fact, two of my crocheted sweaters took 1st & 2nd place at the County Fair the only time I ever entered anything! Thanks to Granny for teaching me to crochet! Thank you, Jen! For bringing that wonderful memory to light! I'm digging out my crochet needles and heading to the store for yarn!

Are you America's "most frustrated traveler"?

Oct 25th 2010 11:42PM We had driven from our home in Texas to visit my elderly relatives in SW Missouri and were staying at an exclusive resort cabin. We were booked for a 4 day stay. On our arrival, it came a tremendous winter storm and we found ourselves socked in the cabin under 3 feet of snow and ice! The roads were shut down and we were unable to leave the cabin at all for 3 days. On the 4th day, as the snow & ice started to melt, I attempted to de-ice the car. Trying to pry literally two inches of ice off of the car, the rear windshield cracked. My husband was then able to get the door open and was letting the car defroster run, trying to "thaw" the ice and snow off of the car, hoping to prevent the window from breaking further. A maintenance man from the resort walked up to the car, and, attempting to "help", whacked at the ice with an ice scraper and shattered the entire rear windshield of the car into the back seat and our son's car seat. We then had to drive 50 miles to a glass repair shop with no back window, in 10 degree weather with no back window! They couldn't repair our window that day, so, we had to extend our vacation another day and find a nearby motel (that turned out to be hideous!) and spend the night. We didn't get to see my family at all! My dear aunt has since passed on and my uncle is in severely declining health. We deserve to win so that we can go back and visit my uncle without fear of not getting there and back safely!


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