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DIY & Save: Free Virus, Spam & Badware Fighters

Oct 31st 2009 1:09PM Different people have their favorites. I use a combination of free software

Avast! anti virus has been rated higher than avira and I've been using it and installed in on numerous computers for several years.

For adware / spyware, get
Spybot Search & Destroy. Its a scanner, remover and blocker. The blocker works by turning on the immunize function

Spywareblaster runs in the back ground and stops cookies and spyware from being installed on your computer.

Using spyware blaster and Spybot together poses no conflicts and drastically decreases junk on your computer. You have to update them manually if you use them for free. A small donation will open the autoupdate features.

Last thing you'll need is a good firewall. If windows firewall is not strong enough for you (it's a fairly weak firewall), then go here and try one of the recommended products. Just be sure windows firewall is turned off if you use a 3rd party product.

Also, NEVER, NEVER, install more than one antivirus product on your computer. More is NOT better in this case. I know some people that got away with it for a few months until an update made the programs incompatible and there system was barely useable until we got one of the programs pulled off. If you pick a firewall that includes antivirus protection, do not install avast antivirus. More than one antivirus program cause memory conflicts on a regular basis and can make your system unstable.

How to Remove Wallpaper

Oct 31st 2009 11:46AM Works fine with self adhesive wallpaper, but don't be arrogant enough to think that because it worked for you, it'll work for everyone. And adding the "green" comment is just plain irritating.

Our wallpaper would not come off without a huge amount of work because of the way it was applied. It came off in pieces, left glue behind, sometimes would peel off a surface layer and leave the rest underneath.

Vinegar and water was about as effective as soap and water would have been. I.e., useless.

We had to use every step listed here, lots of patience, and lots of elbow grease to get the wallpaper off.

Very good advice here for the difficult cases like ours. The 5 in 1 tool and paper tiger were an absolute must have in our situation.


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