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John Gavala

John Gavala

Member Since Sep 17th, 2006

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'Hookers: Saved on the Strip' Star Annie Lobert Talks Years as Prostitute

Dec 17th 2010 1:18AM NO, she is not a man ! And after spending good hard earned money with her service, she is just awsome in bed !

Publicist Ronni Chasen Killed in Robbery Attempt, Police Reveal

Dec 8th 2010 8:04PM Some one is not very well informed, as they already didi tests on the gun he used to shoot himself, and it does not match the one that killed this sweet woman..What a crock of bull S !

What It's Really Like to Be 40 -- By a Formerly Hot 20-Something

Aug 17th 2010 7:21PM
My self, I see woman at the age of past 40 more attractive and sexy, then they where at a younger age..Yes, I am single, and do prfer to date older woman, not the eye candy type.
You have aged gracefully, and it is not a issue to still be attractive with kids in tow? Go for it, enjoy these years, look back as been there done that.
John Gavala

Carl Edwards Wrecks Brad Keselowski to Win at Gateway

Jul 18th 2010 7:52AM Id love to take Carl Edward out in a forever way ! He is just not a respected rac car driver any longer, but one that prefers to wrect anoter man to win a reace! Grow up you f~~~~ idiot! let Brad's father suit up, and show Carl who can race and take is ass out!!

Report: Classic Recreations under investigation for VIN swapping *UPDATE

Jul 11th 2010 6:37AM VIN swapping has been going on for years in the classic car division.Street Rods of the years back to the 20 have had different titles added to there bodys.So what is new here?
You can go to the NSRA or Good Guy's shows and swap meetrs and buy a title for a older auto or truck.
Whats the real deal, was he defrauding people, or is the government looking to make some needed money,as usuall?

DIY Disaster Doctor: Home Improvement "Break Through"

Apr 4th 2010 10:44AM Typical, weekend warriers, and wanna be carpenters ? lol. So what else is new with these inexperienced ones? Forget to turn off the water before removing a shut off valve? lol..

NASCAR Has to Draw the Line

Mar 8th 2010 9:06AM I know the Keselowski faily from a long was back, when his grand father was in the sport, of auto racing.And for me, never will believe that this young man would do any thing intenional to crash another mans car! His dad never did ! and for all the negitive comments here, I personally challenge any one of you to take a ride in a NASCAR at 180 + and lets see who is the better of man on the track.Yes, I drive, and also am a drag racer at 200+, let the challenge begin!
John F ???

NASCAR Has to Draw the Line

Mar 8th 2010 8:59AM I di watch al of the race, and did see Carl's whit gloves move that steering weel to cause the crash! That is not acceptible in any form of auto racing, lees it be Indy or Nascar ! The Nascar officals need to take a stern look at Carl's actions and do what is required to keep hime in line!
A avid NASCAR fan.

It's National Lady Gaga Day!

Jan 29th 2010 3:42PM Would love to attend the hot party , as long as I could spend quality time with the sweet lady to..

Irate Parnevik on Tiger: I Hope She Uses Driver Next Time Instead of the 3-Iron

Dec 3rd 2009 11:00AM I as a real man, totaly agree with your comment Barbra


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