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Artist Paints His Geek Fantasies on Naked Bodies

Jan 4th 2010 10:54PM Speaking of Body-painting,these pictures reminds me of a Japanese cartoon character Nowara Shnnosuke,this kid is a genius,he painted his little dick like a,it's so amazing.

Santa Claus Robs Bank to Pay Elves

Dec 25th 2009 2:51AM Wasn't Santa's job involved with giving and sharing?
I think this bastard dragged the name of Santa through the mud,unless...a bathtub duck or a balloon of SNOOPY poped out of the gunpoint when he pulled that trigger,instead of a damn bullet.

The 11 Worst Airline Passengers for Holiday Travel

Dec 25th 2009 2:42AM Oh,dear,hadn't you ever been one of these guys?
What's the big deal of someone taking a nap on a plane?
If you don't like the guy snorting next to you or talking ceaselessly to you,just put your earplugs on and pretend to be enjoying your music! Oops,wait a minute,you can't,because in that way,you'll be the one DEAF BY HEADPHONE!

Obese Air Passenger Photo Sparks Debate

Dec 3rd 2009 9:57PM Yeah,how could he possibly buckle himself up?
He could be a hidden trouble in an emmergency,he could hold people back with such a mountainous body.

Parents Pull Child's Tooth With RC Car

Nov 30th 2009 9:44PM I vividly remeber how my first milk tooth came off,I sucked it off by myself and threw it up onto the roof.

Man Loses 260 Pounds: Now He's an Ironman!

Nov 27th 2009 11:56PM This guy's a something.
I am 26,206 lbs. overweighted a little,and i'm a gym member,i determined to go to the gym everyday,it feels good to be sweaty and getting your whole body warm-up.but the biggest challenge to me ,is that my wife complained that i was giving up the precious time to be with her.My wife and I are both full time staffs,the only quality time we can have is after dinner,she wants me to sit in the couch and watch TV,which i don't like.
So i'm looking for some advice on how to workout without going to the gym.

Your Last Supper -- 10 Foods That Could Kill You Dead

Nov 27th 2009 10:09PM There are so many foods that can jeopardize your health if you cram way too much down your gullet.
Besides all the things mentioned above,foods like ginkgo seeds,which contain ginkgolic acid,can also be poisonous.
There's a saying in China "you have to have the guts to fight to eat blowfish".
Actually,everything eaten too much can be harmful,it's philosophically true that the changes of quantity cause the changes of qulity.You have to be aware of the nature of foods you are about to take a bite.

Unusual Uses: Microwave Ovens - 16 Sweet Ideas

Nov 13th 2009 3:01AM You can also nuke nearly-empty bottles for 10-15 secs. to help get the last few dabs of hand lotion outta the bottom of the bottle.
----Does this really work? I'm definitely gonna try this,i've a nearly-empty bottle of lotion on my desk now.

Crouching Tiger, Skittish Horse: A Chinese Zoo's Feline Freakshow

Nov 13th 2009 2:18AM But in all fairness,don't you think this is somewhat educational?
However strong and powerful you are,there are always some people much stronger than you who can slave you.
Living in a superpower contry like US,don't you think there can be some one who will pluck your sharp American claws and kncok off your American teeth?
The crushing defeat in Vietnam and Korea could be lessons for you arrogant Americans.

Unbelievably Massive Rat Caught in China

Nov 13th 2009 1:27AM Well,as a Chinese myself,i should say i will never eat any rats,actually,i've never heard any of my relatives ate them,it's gross,where did you get that this rotten creature's often sold as meat in China?


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