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Spring Maintenance: Clean Gutters and Downspouts

Apr 6th 2010 9:49PM Just wanted to drop in and let your readers know that there is an easier, safer, faster, and cleaner method available now for all of us to clean out our rain gutters. Its so easy, I do them more often and have less gutter repairs all year long. I researched the web and found a brand new tool, Made In USA (no lead content) that attaches to most standard wet/dry vacuums that have a 2.5" hose. The Gutter Clutter Buster attachment tool fits snugly onto the vac hose and all I had to do was place it in my rain gutter, turn my wet/dry vac on and it literally "vacuumed out" all gutter debris, wet and dry, pine needles, pine straw, small trees (lol), stagnant water, and even a bird's nest! All this while I stayed firmly on the ground. No ladders needed with this great tool. I encourage everyone who participates in rainwater harvesting to consider this tool, as well. Keep your rain gutters running freely and cleaner, so your rainwater remains cleaner as it enters your rain barrels. The gutter debris goes directly into the vac's canister which when its full, I just dump it into my compost pile and some around my plants for an extra layer of mulch. Getting this tool and the 54" extension lets me get my second story gutters done as well, without a ladder. It has saved me time, money, energy, and above all kept me safer while doing that once nasty job. Its a win-win situation for our whole family. My kids enjoy doing it as well.

Is It Time to Stop Picking on Glenn Beck?

Nov 20th 2009 9:35PM which is worse. Your whaling on Glenn Beck, or Your not printing my comments about Glenn Beck and our great nation????

Sounds like someone who monitors what is being written, doesn't like to hear the truth, either!!!

God Bless You anyway.... And, God Bless America!

Is It Time to Stop Picking on Glenn Beck?

Nov 20th 2009 5:08PM To bad we don't have more true patriots in our country like Glenn Beck. Mr. Beck risks his life and that of his family to bring the TRUTH to the forefront.
Should his extremist critics want to continue to degrade or belittle themselves by their "mean spirted" "hate speach" rederick, then let them be aware, "we are around them!" And, we will be back.
America belongs to the people who honor and hold up our Constitution as the letter of the law, as did our forefathers.
Why not speak out for the rights that belong to "we the people" and not the far-left Marxist government, who wants nothing but to remove us of all our God given rights in the pursuit of happiness as an American???
If you don't like the truth, which "will set you free" then leave the country!
If our country, constitution, military that protects us and our freedoms, our form of republic government, and freedom from a socialst, communist, marxist government, then please let me know and I'll pay for a boat ride to take you to Cuba!
I love and am blessed to be a 4 generation American citizen, living, working, voting, building two family owned/operated businesses at age 71, and desire to continue to fight for the rights for folks like Glenn Beck to have the right, previlege, without fear of death from the enemy, to speak the truth without censorship.
Get a grip people, wake up America, you're losing the rights you've taken for granted over the past 70 years!!!!
I suggest y'all get down on your knees,humble yourself and pray for forgiveness for the errors of your ways, and then He will hear from heaven, AND HEAL OUR LAND!!!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!! GOD BLESS OUR TROOPS!

Black Friday: Target offers $3 appliances and gift card bonuses


Husband just left Target, manager of electronics scanned her inventory and she does not even have a 40" Apex or 30" Westinghouse in inventory!!!!

She stated, "we don't have any of these TVs on SALE!


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