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Dilbert Fizzwinkle

Dilbert Fizzwinkle

Member Since Nov 17th, 2009

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DIY Disaster Doctor: Bathroom Conundrum

May 1st 2010 5:11PM That looks like a real pisser!

Improve your camping experience with these videos

Mar 20th 2010 8:14AM You are absolutely right. Why on earth would anyone take any kind of a chance at all that might result in them having a great time. Stay home and keep your head covered with tinfoil. The government is probably trying to control your mind. They don't realize that your mind is so narrow, a bb would fall off.

Apple and Best Buy: When good retailers go bad

Jan 22nd 2010 11:48AM Let me guess, you tried to get an iPhone at a reduced price under the guise of "technology review" and they told you get packing. Now you are trashing Apple under the guise of "fair reportage".
This is nothing more than a blatant attempt at trial by press.
Hated it when CBS tried it and I hate it now.

You should be pulled.

Phew! NASA Says the World is Not Ending in 2012

Nov 17th 2009 4:53PM This is a lot like 2 pigs trying to screw a football. There is a lot of grunting and groaning going on, but ain't much getting accomplished.


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