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Daily DIY: Defrost with Delight

Nov 18th 2009 9:43PM my cousin cooks with vinegar every day. Vinegar goes in a lot of her dishes. guess she took after her Mom's side of the family, not her Dad's . Our Dad's were brothers, so gues my Mom cooked like my Dad's Mom. I know vinegar is good for a multitude of things: apple Cider vinegar good for athlete's feet. just pour between toes. each night after your shower.

Daily DIY: Defrost with Delight

Nov 18th 2009 9:17PM This is not so much for the kitchen, but this is a great tip for vinegar. I have 2 inside/outside dogs (have a doggie door). and 4 inside cats.. are mine and are my granddaughters. I am cat sitting for her. She just moved to holland and is suposed to come and get them at Christmas time.Well, obviously they had fleas, which is surprising. I had fleas in my home..Yukkkk....I call an exterminator, $150 and I must take all the animals out of the house for at least 4 to 6 hours. Plus I have outside cats..well they are my neighbors, But I ramble.Went online researching home remedies for killing fleas, and it is Vinegar. can you belive it....1/2 vinegar 1/2 water in a spray bottle. Mist everything in your house. A fine mist on furniture. do not soak things, just a mist. beds, was the doggie beds and put 1/ cup vinegar in the water. it is a great cothes softener, and no, you won't smell like pickles..
but, the vinegar does kill the fleas. I was so surprised. I spent about $1.00 to deflea my home..I just saved $149 .. Yea for me


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