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Ailing Couple Face Eviction Because Caregiving Son Is Under 55 (Video)

Nov 14th 2013 6:46AM Ever notice how many negative stories are posted about Florida lately? I doubt it's the only place this sort of injustice happens, but the constant reference to Florida makes it seem someone has an axe to grind or cast Florida in a bad light.

Foreclosure Victim Must Leave Hotel After 9-Year Stay, $29,000 Bill

Oct 15th 2013 8:32AM So many of the comments are funny. So many people can not read a simple article and glean the facts. Never mind the lack of math skills.

Moving Company Held Possessions 'Hostage,' Couple Says

Aug 7th 2013 8:01AM I trust none of the moving companies. I have had ugly experiences regarding rates, delivery timing, missing items and damaged goods with United Van Lines, Island Movers in Hawaii, and Mayflower Moving & Storage. You need a lawyer coordinating your packing and moving these days.

Realty Agent Fired After Allegedly Vandalizing Neighbor's Property

Jul 12th 2013 10:42AM Personally, I admire a woman who handles her own dead rats and snakes.

Realty Agent Fired After Allegedly Vandalizing Neighbor's Property

Jul 11th 2013 10:17PM A creepy Realtor? Wow! What's next, crooked car salesmen?

Vegas Restaurant Will Suspend Diners 180 Feet In Air

Jun 13th 2013 4:36PM This would have to improve to only be stupid.

Plane Took Seven Flights With Dead Stowaway In Wheel Well

Jun 13th 2013 1:44PM On a trip to Moscow in 1990 passengers were greeted at the door with "watch your step" help prevent someone from tripping on the loose molding and ragged carpeting. Oxygen mask doors held together with duct tape? Makes you appreciate REAL airline maintenance.

Forbidden America: Cold War-Era Map Shows No-Go Zones For Soviet Tourists

May 17th 2013 5:38PM English isn't necessary when you have a government that accommodates any language. And who pays for this 'privilige....American taxpayers.

Old NYC Map Keeps Breezy Point From Rebuilding After Sandy

May 5th 2013 5:22PM There was an endless supply about Bush not responding quickly enough to Katrina. Obama has a perfect opportunity to step up and make the city do the right thing for these people. This is no time for "technicalities", people need homes.

Tampa Apartment Complex to Get Renovations to Curb Violence

Apr 1st 2013 9:14AM I remember when a similar unit in San Francisco received an expensive makeover. One year later it was condemned...trashed interiors and appliances ripped from inside to be sold. All property is only as good as the people who inhabit it.


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