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In Italy's Heel, Obama's A Rock Star

May 15th 2012 11:49AM This reply is for David Rev. when was this momentous discovery made, that his birth certificate has proven to be a fake, why are you lying, if his birth certificate had been proven to be fake, the birther's would be having a holiday and dancing in the streets, any credibility that you had, say bye-bye to it.

In Italy's Heel, Obama's A Rock Star

May 15th 2012 11:06AM I cannot understand, why the hatred for President Obama is so intense, a family man who is truly a family man scandal free, he's been called everything except a child of God, he's been accused of being a Muslim, yet he gave the order, to take out the most infamous Muslim, Osama bin Laden, who gave the order to kill thousands of innocent Americans, they say that he was not born in America, he's shown the documents that verifies your birthplace, yet they still downplay his accomplishments, they are determined to find the smoking gun that would indicate he's what they've already determined that he is, I think it's that innate hatred that is instilled in children doing their formative years by a certain percentage of the populace against people of his ilk. They are, in total denial, a bout the affect the eight years of the previous administration, who came into office with a surplus, had on today's economy.

Cat Barks Like a Dog When No One's Watching

Jun 21st 2011 7:53PM With all the mysterious things centered around black cats, having one in my home that barked like a dog would unnerve me, and being smart enough to only do it when he was alone would be more disturbing, to be awakened in my bedroom at night by a barking dog knowing that I don't have a dog would be a bit much for me.

Horribly Abused Dog Given a Happy Second Chance

May 19th 2011 11:45PM That was one of the saddest stories I've ever witnessed about dog abuse, dogs have attributes that if every human had them. This would be a great world unconditional love and forgiveness, for a dog to have been treated that way by humans for 10 years and still love and trust humans is phenomenal, the people who owned that dog for 10 years and mistreated it to that extent would have to be psychopaths, and should be charged with abuse and the punishment should be for them to be chained outside for 10 years with no shelter, and very little food.

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith Announced As Guests On 'Oprah' Finale

May 14th 2011 10:13PM Tom, I remember you. You were the kid that was very insecure afraid of his own shadow, always picked last for any recreational game, that's how you acquired this hatred that you have for most people who seemingly excelled in everything you have found the perfect thing the Internet, you can boldly say anything about anybody and remain anonymous and not get knocked out. Don't be so sure.

Whoopi Goldberg's Vermont House For Sale

Apr 28th 2011 8:10PM This is for Ace 4-28-2011 at 444PM , I truly understand and sincerely sympathize with you. I went through the same thing with my mom, you appear to be a great caring loving person, and I salute you, this helped me when I was in your situation, someone prayed with me and they told me something that made a great deal of sense, they said, by caring for your, mom in her time of need
. You are abiding by one of the 10 Commandments, the only one with a promise honor your father and your mother that your days will be long,Ace . Hang in there. I'm praying for you and your mom

Whoopi Goldberg's Vermont House For Sale

Apr 28th 2011 2:55PM Ace Why don't you, have 20% of your salary deducted every week for a worthy charity.

Whoopi Goldberg's Vermont House For Sale

Apr 28th 2011 2:49PM kjkinneyxpress Where is your is located, that could possibly have something to do with the difference in prices, one other question, are you bragging, or just happy.

Whoopi Goldberg's Vermont House For Sale

Apr 28th 2011 12:50PM rob , I don't think that you should politicizes this one, unlike the people in your political arena. Ms. Goldberg was born poor, and through perseverance and her talent she became self-sufficient and realized the American dream.
I don't know how a person can join a club like the conservatives and not be aware of the fact that they are against all of your interest, unless you are wealthy you fight for the wrong team, are you aware of two institutions Social Security and Medicare that our forefathers paid into an dependent ed on both for survival in their twilight years, your team is trying to privatize both and put them in the hands of the financial mavens, the same that almost bankrupted America, the same that are worry free , because they have a win-win situation, too big to fail, even if your team is successful in privatizing those two institutions, and bankrupting them, they will still survive because they are too big to fail, your tax money again will be used to prop them up rob wake up you are not a legitimate team member, just a tool.

Whoopi Goldberg's Vermont House For Sale

Apr 28th 2011 12:26PM cwags If she gave her house and money to the poor, where would she live. And how would she survive, from what I hear. She gives a considerable amount to charities, and I have followed her career for quite a while, and she works very hard for her earnings, I have never read or seen anything that says she has proclaimed herself to be a socialist, even if so, I think everybody who works very hard and honestly earn their pay should live well, and should not have to be criticize by obviously jealous spectators.


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