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dan randall

dan randall

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Cam Newton Shouldn't Change for Us, the NFL or Anybody

Feb 27th 2011 6:05PM is jerry springer on? enough said about this story.

Walmart Losing Business, Looks to Retool

Feb 22nd 2011 7:48PM they already lost my business. the store we go to has raised prices on everything. shelves are not stocked. store has terrible smell to it. the management have a very bad attitude. target, dollars store, and k mart have won our family over. clean, cheap, and low, low prices. sorry, but wally world is just that. way toooo costly. we have check prices at different stores and they are always 10 to 20 cents cheaper, have more to pick from and are clean and the workers are very nice and helpful. see ya, wally world.

Latest Dallas Super Bowl Fiasco: Not Enough Seats!

Feb 6th 2011 10:39PM 1. snow and ice problems - 7 workers get hurt. 2. jerry jones wont shut his mouth. 3. no enough seats and the game was scheduled 4 years ago. 4. singer destroys Star Spangled Banner. 5. half time show - no comment. 6. the game sucked. 7. seven reason not to watch pro football or the super bowl next year.

Michael Vick Named AP's NFL Comeback Player of the Year

Feb 6th 2011 10:36AM dog killer, dog killer...the nfl the new prison system.

Michael Vick Named AP's NFL Comeback Player of the Year

Feb 6th 2011 10:34AM sad that all those dogs he killed wont be making a comeback. someone should wrap a chain around this guys neck, tie it to a tree without water in the hottest part of the day and see how long he makes it. pro football, americans next prison system.

'Steeler Way' Leads to Another Super Bowl

Feb 5th 2011 10:43AM wonder if ole rodisburning raped anyone at the club last night? its would be easy for this fat, some moving target, to corner anyone in a bathroom by blocking the door. sad that America has come to this... vince has rolled over in his grave.

'Steeler Way' Leads to Another Super Bowl

Feb 5th 2011 8:37AM sad that we as a country with strong values on life allow a man that has been charged with rape and never "so called found guilty" play football at this level. really sends a great message to the children and grand children of America.

Look of the Day: Brooke Shields

Feb 3rd 2011 5:48PM looks like a guy with a pink dress on. must be jelly bean time!!!

NCAA to Smack Tennessee, Lane Kiffin

Feb 3rd 2011 10:31AM wait just 1 second, what about, Auburn, Ohio State, North Carolina? oh, guess they paid the NCAA more money this year. sad, that college and pro football is only about money. guess ole vince is rolling over in his grave.

Five Things to Watch for On National Signing Day

Feb 2nd 2011 12:22PM you mean show me the money day? college football has seen its day with what happened in the last years, USC, the Ohio State 5, the North Carolina 12, and the whole college of Aurburn or Cam "i didnt know" newton. oh, i forgot, Oklahoma State and dez "i never lied" and blackburn "i wasnt driving that truck back from dallas". enough said. i dont watch any sports based on dollars and cents...


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