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Unusual Uses for Chalk

Jun 14th 2010 5:34PM Maybe I can translate this into legible English. I believe Jenny is talking about peppermint (peppermint oil, for instance). I have also heard that ants are repelled by the smell.

How Safe is Mexico?

Apr 5th 2010 8:40PM I've made 2 day trips to Tijuana and 2 to Tecate this year and have had no problems at all.

The Word Obama Left Out of His Afghanistan Speech

Dec 8th 2009 10:23PM Another word the President left out was Morphine. Afghanistan could produce enough morphine to meet a worldwide shortage of it. Instead of us trying to eradicate the poppies, why not license the farmers and set up small morphine factories in the villages. There would be several benefits:

Reduced income for the Taliban
Reduced heroin on the heroin market
Legitimate income for the poppy farmers
Jobs created at the village level
Increased supply of much-needed morphine worldwide
Revenue for Afghanistan

More details can be found at
I think this definitely should be part of strategy in Afghanistan.

Don't Look Down in Vegas

Dec 8th 2009 12:23AM I love these carpets. Much more interesting than the slot machines.


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