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Dina Lohan Shocked By Lindsay's Jail Sentence

Jul 7th 2010 6:36AM If it had been an average Joe, he would have been sentenced the first couple of offenses. We've seen what has happened with this girl every few days for years. Falling all over the place, eyes glazed over, not obeying the rules, very public relationships, continued self destruction, wreckless driving that could kill others and herself, and it wasn't stopping. This girl deserved way more than what she got. Emphasizing the "this girl" in that sentence because w/o the Lindsay Lohan name, she's just "this girl". I shame the judicial system for continuing to treat her like a celebrity. Celebrity status should not give someone asylum. She'll end up with the best cell they have, be allowed more privileges than others, and get more of whatever she needs or wants than anyone else in the cells. Not to mention the fact she'll get out way earlier than she should or not even be forced to go at all. She'll re negotiate the terms, possibly only serve weekends, or after she makes that movie, or whatever.

How Jeremy London's Addiction Hurt His Career and Family

Jul 2nd 2010 4:32PM Lynnz, you're an idiot, get a life. David S., you obviously cannot read English and you're also an idiot. Fantasy world, you're living in it if you're protecting it. Get an education.

How Jeremy London's Addiction Hurt His Career and Family

Jul 2nd 2010 6:46AM What is the problem that so many actor's and actresses just can't seem to stay away from drugs & alcohol? The laws need to be as strict on them as it is on everyone else. Look at Lindsay Lohan, she should have been tossed in jail and thrown away the key a multitude of times ago. The problem with the judicial system is that it is too lenient. All the evidence is out there of what these illegal substances will do to you and still people want them. I say this as someone who has tried them in the past. Not as a hypocrite. And I will say, you don't need them, they don't do anything but make you feel worse, you can have a happy good time w/o them, and if you can't, honestly you're a waste of space. I'm seriously beginning to think culling the herd would be the best idea.

4 Denim Styles That Every Woman Should Have in Her Closet

Jul 1st 2010 6:48AM I like a little give in my jeans, prefer a boot cut or flare and LOVE the flap over pockets on the butt, they give your butt just that extra umph. Mid waist fit preferably. I have NEVER paid more than $50 for a pair of jeans with the normal range being somewhere around $10 - $20 and ALL my jeans are designers, but are from the clearance or outlet racks. Jeans don't change enough to tell the difference in style. My favorite jeans of all time were LA Gears back in the late 80's, they were cream colored with baby pink criss crosses all the way up the sides, they fit perfect, they looked sexy because they gave you a peek at some skin, and they hugged the butt perfectly. I'm not a size 2 and I've never had any complaints, I've dated men across the world. Indian, Native American, Pakistani, Saudi Arabian, Canadian, Mexican, Brazilian, English, Scottish, Irish, Italian, Greek, Nepalese, African, Australian, Chinese, American, and I've never had any of them complain about my weight. A man likes boobs & ass. They don't want a size 2 stick figure, because as my Dad always said, they don't want a 2 by 4 that beats them to death before they're done.'s sperm bank: Beauty made ugly?

Jun 23rd 2010 7:20AM just browsed through the site and um...there wasn't a lot of beauty there. there was a lot of frizzle haired, anorexic, unhappy looking people. if that is supposed to be beauty...then i am glad that i had my children with an average john.

Should My Ex's Fiancee Post Photos of My Daughter on Her Facebook?

Jun 10th 2010 8:30PM Sounds as if it is more to do with the feeling in control part rather than genuine concern. I have pictures of my children on my Facebook and I keep it on private. To be very blunt, when I see opinions like the ones above from others about their children are not allowed to post anything and neither is anyone else, I think you're just paranoid. There are deeper concerns when dealing with exes than the pictures being posted on Facebook or any other social network.

Rising labor costs in China may lead to pricier electronics, manufacturing relocation

Jun 8th 2010 6:14PM AMERICAN COMPANIES NEED TO STOP OUTSOURCING, PERIOD! If everyone would stop buying merchandise made in other places and put their foot down on how these companies do business, outsourcing could stop. I'm personally SICK of it. I work in the cell phone industry and I have to talk to internal customer service reps from the Philippines and I'm sick of the lack of English. These corporations seriously need a smack.

iPhone 4 announced, launching June 24 for $199 with new FaceTime video chat

Jun 7th 2010 3:08PM You know, all this would be spectacular, except for the fact that AT&T changed the data package from unlimited for $30 to 200 MB for $15 & 2 GB for $25, if you don't know how much an MB or a GB is, I highly suggest you find out because it's not a lot if you're an avid user. I regularly use about 6 - 7 GB per month. Just like Charter and Comcast are limiting internet access to your home at 250 GB, if you're an avid gamer, that is about 2 - 3 days worth of play. In other words, SUCK CITY!

A Day in the Life of a FedEx Driver

Jun 1st 2010 7:03PM The people with the biting dogs should be put in jail each and every time their dog bites, maybe it would make them think twice before getting an animal or keeping an animal that bites. Pitt bulls are the worst. I see all these people looking for pitt bulls on Craigslist that mention, "I want to get a pitt bull for my 2 year old son." That's the same parent listing a pitt bull 2 or 3 months later that mauled her 2 year old son and he has scars from the mauling.

Opinion: My Daughter's a High-School Dropout and I'm Totally Okay With It

May 28th 2010 7:06PM This is something that I was hoping would come along. Someone actually admitting that the, "no child left behind" crap is a load of hoo-ey. NOT EVERY CHILD IS GOING TO BE A SUCCESS! This is a society where everyone thinks that you have to be a doctor, a lawyer, or some huge success, but you HAVE to have your laborers, your ditch diggers, etc.

I've seen many children that honestly interfered with others learning in the classroom. They were not cut out for school. You cannot force learning.

I am a high school drop out. I went back to get my GED a year after high school would have ended for me and out of a possible 300 scoring I made 290. I was not a bad student in school, I excelled in everything I did, but I was bored with school. My GPA was a 3.6.

My husband has a Bachelor's and to be honest, I could run intellectual circles around him in hyper drive. I love the man and he's just fine for me, but he's not the brightest crayon in the box.

You cannot force learning, you cannot force motivation, you cannot force absorption of knowledge, and you cannot keep out boredom. To do so is as much neglectful and abusive as anything else. That doesn't mean I think you should pull a child out of school the first time they admit frustration, there's obviously a breaking point you would have to get to.


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