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Parents Upset After School Yearbook Lists George W. Bush, Dick Cheney as Worst People of All Time

Jun 2nd 2011 4:50PM Lol, how is it that people are upset? IF, and I say if, because there are many places that kids the teachers are "brainwashing" students, that is evidence of some pretty lax parenting at home. Alabama schools are among the nation's lowest scoring states, but somehow teachers are managing to influence kids politically??? This is a red state---generally, parents have strong beliefs that they pass on at home. Maybe it was a lesson forgotten and/or lost in the midst of their normal curriculum of "Homophobia 101," "Osama/Obama: Coincidence or Conspiracy" or "A Guide To Tea Party Etiquette".

'Genderless' Baby Raises a Storm of Controversy

May 26th 2011 11:01PM Yeahhhhh, in a world where one mother has tried to sell her daughter's virginity, another one microwaved hers to death, and yet another gave hers Botox injections, this is just not an issue. As long as they love their baby, they are not even CLOSE to being the worst that parenthood has to offer.

Wholesome Lasagna

May 20th 2011 9:40AM This looks delicious, but I would never try to pass it off as lasagna.

Celebrities Who Gained Weight for a Movie Role

Feb 26th 2011 5:15PM Robert DeNiro should absolutely be listed. I remember Sly Stallone on Copland also.

Source: Scarlett 'Devastated' by Ryan and Sandra's Budding Romance

Jan 11th 2011 8:49AM Agreed! She is upset because Ryan was her puppet, and now she can't jerk him back and forth anymore. I liked Scarlett, and still hope that she is a better person than that, but I have my doubts. Boo to those super-creepy people out there like her, who seem to genuinely enjoy toying with the emotions of others and derive pleasure from the pain and devastation that they are causing.

Awkward Family Photos -- The Holiday Edition

Dec 24th 2010 11:05PM I would tend to agree with you. While most of these are at best cheesy, and at worst, utterly and embarrassingly devoid of taste, one can hardly declare the adults involved molesters, based on a single photograph. It never ceases to amaze me how tightly wound we can be. Who the heck is supporting America's massive porn industry? We straddle a line between Puritanism and salaciousness resulting in views that would be downright comical, if not for the people that are adversely affected by them. LOL--it is by no means an absolute, but the smart criminal is the one that tries to blend in and appear normal, not stand out.

Andrew Gallo, Killer of Nick Adenhart, Two Others, Sentenced to 51 Years

Dec 23rd 2010 1:40AM If this had been his first time driving drunk, I might have felt SOME (not much) sympathy for him, but he had a PRECIOUS second chance to mend his ways and he didn't. A lot of offenders don't get one, and end up dead before getting caught. Too bad that wasn't the case with this idiot--his three victims might still be enjoying life. Everybody knows what can happen when you drive drunk, and to ignore it and drive anyway is to be about as selfish as you can get. How can your freedom, your life, and the lives of others not be worth the minor inconvenience of finding a responsible way home? He deserves every one of those 51 years and more.

The Stay Tuned Awards: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of 2010 TV

Dec 17th 2010 11:06AM You are so right...Walter is irreverent and so deadpan serious in the midst of his frequently off-color and childlike honesty. Definitely should have made an appearance on the list!

SmackDown: Should Parents Give Gifts to Adult Children?

Dec 5th 2010 2:27PM People who don't understand the simple joy of giving are missing out. I was raised in a poor, black family in the 70's and everyone gave and received gifts. Our parents were one step up from desitiute, but they were generous with what they did have. My siblings and I enjoyed shopping for each other and our parents; we practically lived to see the surprise and happiness in the eyes of the recipient of our gifts. It wasn't seen as a one-sided chore that one couldn't wait to be done with. We were surrounded by people who were raised with giving hearts. They taught us the same, as we do with our own children. It was, and still remains, a pleasure to give. Then we are doubly rewarded when we receive, and the cycle is complete--not closed, but ever reaching. Man, this really sounds, but it's fun.

Are Tea Partiers Gaming the Vote for Bristol Palin on 'Dancing With the Stars'?

Nov 18th 2010 8:44AM Oh, good grief--we are all drinking the Kool-aid, me included. I don't watch this show or any reality tv, but judging from the number of people commenting, the publicity ABC is getting from this contoversy is right up their alley. More people are probably tuning in just to see what all the hoopla is about. I wouldn't doubt that the network is somewhat complicit in this matter. How I long for those days of old, when the name Palin did not exist in my little world. *sigh*


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