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Could Casey Anthony Judge, Belvin Perry, Be the Next Judge Judy?

Jul 6th 2011 6:37AM I am sure you would leave the bench for 45 million a year.

Testing: 8 Odd Ways to Get Rid of Ants

Jul 4th 2011 5:52PM What ever you find that will kill the little bugers you better do it before some do gooder group wants to protect them!

White Wedge Sandals

Jun 20th 2011 7:37AM i love the look that a wedge heel and a sun dress gives a ladies legs.

Maria Shriver: 'This Is a Painful and Heartbreaking Time'

May 17th 2011 3:19PM You people better get a grip.. This is a sad story but it happens everyday and by both sexes.....and every party. Unless this world is reduced to only 1 male and 1 female it will continue.

How to Wear High-Waisted Pants and Not Look Like a Mom-Jean Disaster

Mar 29th 2011 3:15PM Good for you Janice..I wish more women would learn how to dress for themselves. My wife has a great shape with long legs and a nice bust line. She looks sexy in just about anything she wears which in part is her attaude. Women are told that if your over 50 do not wear short skirts or sexy tops...BS Wear what looks the best on your body type and the hell with the fashion writers.

'Super'-Uncomfortable: Liv Tyler, Ellen Page and Rainn Wilson in Spandex

Mar 28th 2011 2:33PM My wife is 5'3 and stays between 135 to 140. She wears a size 10 in most things. Do to the ways she is built she also wears a size 8 it just depends on how they are cut.

6 Weeks to a Better Body

Mar 25th 2011 10:32AM Most people lie to themselves on the reason they are over weight(FAT). What is your excuse?
1) Medical..I have talked to several doctors and all have said that in most cases that excuse is a cop out!
2) Its in my family genes...Most parents that are fat pass on their bad eating habits to their children and they continue the cycle.
3) When I get stressed I eat and I feel better..oh thats a good reason. Why not go for a walk to work off the stress.
Most people that are overweight are just to lazy to do anything about thier problem.

Overweight Moms, Children Think They're Thinner Than They Really Are, Study Shows

Mar 24th 2011 3:34PM People have hundreds of reasons why they are fat. The sad part is most of them believe them.

Jenny Craig's New Spokesperson is Ross "the Intern" Mathews

Mar 15th 2011 5:52PM I agree..I have a friend that told me the very same thing..You still need to buy alot of food from your grocery that is on their menu.

Treating the High Cost of Prescription Drugs -- Savings Experiment

Feb 17th 2011 11:25AM I took lepitor and now take a generic called Simvastatin. I hope this helps you.


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