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Is sitting too close to the computer making you blind?

Nov 27th 2007 2:16PM hi Nikki. I don't know if you wear glasses or contacts, but years ago when I had to get my glasses replaced (I'm nearsighted, but most of the time I wear contacts), I went to LensCrafters, and they told me that the glasses they had for me - the lenses wear made special (sorry I can't remember how) and that they would cut down on glare, and actually help me if I had to stare at a computer all day. I can tell a difference if I wear my glasses. Maybe you could call and ask? Or check online?

New Uses for Old Phone Books

Oct 15th 2007 4:11PM I have heard that some people who sit at desks, maybe like judges or something, can use them under the desk to help increase protection. Of course, I'm not saying they'll make your desk bullet proof, but I've heard that it could add some cushioned protection from something like, say, stray bullets shot into a courtroom or something. Not sure, just repeating what I've heard....

Want more brain power? 'Mouse' with the other hand

Oct 15th 2007 4:06PM This makes sense to me. I remember hearing a few years ago that doing other things, such as brushing your teeth (which I read from another comment earlier) with your non-dominant hand can increase brain power, concentration, etc. I try to do certain things like that everyday. Just small things. I've never tried using the mouse with my left hand (I'm dominantly right handed). I may have to try that - and it may help some who try it to go into your computer's control panel and change the direction of the mouse cursor.

Family speaks out about 'Idol' wanna-be's tragic story

Feb 7th 2007 3:55PM To #80, Mrs. C:

You appear to be judging, also.....Truth is, no one knows this girl's true family deal....We can all comment (since that is what this page is for) and maybe some of these people are judging...Does that make it right for you to judge these people?

"After all, if you are so much better than she, then why is it all YOU have to do is sit on your computer all day, writing about her. .......Who is pitiful now?"

I don't know who is pitiful now, but I'm pretty sure that you must have been at your computer (maybe not all day) writing about her...

Family speaks out about 'Idol' wanna-be's tragic story

Feb 7th 2007 12:32PM If she needed a sob story to help get her famous, then it should have been a story about HER and only HER. Not her family....that gets them famous (and probably in some trouble I would imagine).
BTW, I'm from Stanly County, NC, home of Kellie Pickler. Don't know her personally, but know very well of some mutual friends. Maybe she shouldn't have told her story to help make herself famous (if she did it for that reason), but now that she is putting out records, America will now know where she got the inspirations and ideas for her songs. It won't be a mystery, and we'll know for a fact that it's not based on someone else's life, or a dream, or just some fabricated story.
I can't believe any child would fabricate or elaborate on a personal family tragedy on national TV. I think it's reprehensible.

Which Aqua Teen character are you?

Feb 7th 2007 12:13PM Hehe...
I'm Master Shake, too! Kinda surprising though, I thought I would be Frylock for sure. I'm not an idiotic asshole like Shake. But he's funny as crap!!
And hey, Carl's awesome too! (They all are!)

"I want candy......"

Behind the scenes at Puppy Bowl

Feb 7th 2007 12:02PM I watched a little bit of the Puppy Bowl for the first time. I had heard of it, but never had a chance to watch it (since I lived with my dad - a HUGE football fan and umpire - TVs on Super Bowl Sunday are required to all be trained on Super Bowl). That was the most adorable thing ever!! I loved it. I even had my husband watching it! And our little pit bull puppy that stays inside, she was watching it, too! I think she wanted to be there playing with them :)
I wondered where they got the puppies from. I'm glad to know that there's a way to adopt them. I don't remember hearing that announced on there whenever I had the TV turned to it, although I'm sure they said something about the adoptability of them on the show. I wish I could take them all!

Much more entertaining than the Super Bowl, to me :)

American Idol: San Antonio auditions

Feb 7th 2007 11:50AM To #27, I agree with you - totally!

She walked in looking like someone ran over her new puppy! And my husband pointed out her "wardrobe malfunction" to me (I didn't notice it and by the time he pointed it out to me, she was hiding it with her hands). True, maybe they shouldn't have been snickering like that, but she could have at least smiled!(And by the way, I thought she was a pretty girl...she may not have been the "long legs, big boobs, flowing hair" kind of girl, but she wasn't ugly...if she could sing (and smile) she would have made it.)
I know she was probably nervous, but I'm sure everyone was...and at least they managed to look like they were happy to be there. How could anyone believe that she should be given a chance to become an American Idol when she mopes into the room like that? What, is that how she would make her stage entrance at one of her concerts? I'd want my money back...

Can't stop typing without laughing at the "British" comment. Maybe someone can help me out....I could have sworn that I heard one of the girls also say "go back to French," although I could be wrong (and probably am) :)

Fast food secrets you don't want to know

Dec 28th 2006 2:59PM At the restaurant I worked at, the cooks would smoke while they cooked. They would be careful, but was nasty to me.

The restaurant owner was a super tightwad. The bus boys would throw away ALL contents on a plate, even if there were unopened packets of ketchup or sugar or things like that. If the boss saw them, he would make them pick them out of the garbage and place them back so that the servers could restock them on the tables again. I hated it so much! I told all busboys to take them out of the garbage like he said to, but when he wasn't looking to throw them away and hide them. I wasn't gonna let that nasty stuff back on our tables!

Also, our sweet tea was made in large plastic trash bin-type containers. And the guys would stir it with their arms....and they were very hairy....

Undersize me: The starvation diet

Oct 27th 2006 2:50PM OMG, Susie Q (15) I can't believe your mother said that to you!!
I've never been "obese" by definition, but I've never been "little" either, or normal for my height and weight. I went to the doctor a month ago for a check-up...I knew I had gained weight, thanks to the pill and my bad eating habits (trying to find a job after being laid off while planning a wedding doesn't make room for a nice healthy dinner at my home). The doctor put me on a 1200-calorie diet, although for some reason she wouldn't tell me how much I actually weighed (like I really wanted to know anyway, right? ;)

It's only been one month, and I know that I've cheated some by going over 1200, but not over too much I'm positive. I have been able to tell a difference in my weight since starting this "diet." My husband is also doing this with me, because he knows how hard it is for me to do it alone. I've also started walking after work at our local park with my step-sister, and this has helped out even more.

Calorie restriction works, maybe not for all, but for some. It has really helped me, and hopefully I can lose this weight the pill has helped me put on (and hopefully I can lose it before my class reunion, too!)


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