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What to Wear to a Wedding

Apr 1st 2011 2:53AM PS - they've been in and out of style since at least the 1940s (they were very popular during WW2).

What to Wear to a Wedding

Apr 1st 2011 2:52AM Peep toe shoes are a bit different than 'open toe' shoes. Peep toes have a smaller opening in the front, that show only the inner side of the big toe & either just the second toe plus maybe part of the middle toe. In other words, they are more closed than 'open toed' shoes. YOU are peeping at the toes, the toes are not peeping at YOU! y
You might want to Google Image the phrase "Peep toe shoes".

What to Wear to a Wedding

Apr 1st 2011 2:46AM My (EX) mother in law wore a green print dress to my lavender & purple themed wedding (this was in the early 80's, when lavender & purple was popular). I never forgave her for that. MY mother wore a pretty lavender solid color silk dress, similar to the lavender & purple dresses the bridesmaids wore.

Unrecognizable Lady Gaga Covers Vogue Power Issue

Feb 12th 2011 3:32PM Actually, she reminds me of Tilda Swinton (another androgynous star) in the Vogue photos.

Sex and the B&B

Feb 12th 2011 3:25PM Don't overlook even small details - in my case, we went to an upscale inn in Vermont (admittedly well over 10 years ago) and after I took a shower, discovered there was NO hairdryer in the bathroom! And it was October, so it was rather chilly to be going out with wet hair. We couldn't even find one in the small town we were staying in - the only pharmacy in town didn't carry any. I mentioned this to the owner (a WOMAN) and she seemed rather surprised that I would expect one, like I was being demanding.
Since that time, when I will be staying in a non-chain hotel/inn I always take a small folding hairdryer, just in case, although I have never had this happen to me again.

Dr. Phil Feels Your Pain

Jan 29th 2011 11:57PM Um "MOM", Dr. Phil DID go to college - he HAS a DOCTORATE in Psychology, which makes him a psychologist (albeit NOT a psychiatrist, who has an MD).
Anyone who has a PhD (Doctor of Philosophy, which is the name of the degree) is entitled to be called Doctor.

Clearly you resent his success, which is fine, but just understand that he DID do the schoolwork (which takes just about the same length of time as a medical doctor, just that he didn't cut people up and can not prescribe medications). He also is licensed, as is proper in his field. Now, his 'down-home talkin' annoys the heck outta me, and he's pretty good at spouting platitudes, but I do understand that he has paid his dues educationally.

Better Ways to Spend $40 Than on Pajama Jeans

Jan 8th 2011 2:12AM This article has made me want to order a pair of PajamaJeans! They sound so comfortable, without looking so much like sweatpants! And pray tell, what IS the difference between wearing these and wearing leggings?
So....eff yuuu.....I hope my PajamaJeans arrive soon!

Are You Dating a Man or a Boy? 10 Home Goods That Will Tell You

Jan 3rd 2011 2:53AM @Julie: my ex was similar, kept much neater than I ever have been, can cook, into home decor and all that. I was never a good enough housekeeper for him. But, unlike YOUR ex, mine turned out to be a WOMANIZER. Dozens while we were married. Currently, he has a girlfriend but still sees other women. So as always, you can't generalize.

Are You Dating a Man or a Boy? 10 Home Goods That Will Tell You

Jan 3rd 2011 2:45AM Matching silverware sets & other items such as kitchenware can also be the sign of a doting mother - good doting, or overbearing, depends on how MUCH.
When my son got his first apartment, I gave him old/duplicate stuff from my house, but I also bought him some nice NEW stuff. (I did the same for my daughter, when she got HER first place.) So as others above have said, don't ASSUME.

Google Gives the Gift of Tech Support to Your Parents

Dec 13th 2010 5:57PM I find the title offensive. I am a 55 yr old woman, who has worked with computers (Win sys) & peripherals for almost 20 years. My business is web-based. My KIDS (age 25 & 20) AND ex-husband still constantly (too often!) call me with their computer software AND hardware problems. I'm basically at a Level 2, sometimes 3, tech support level, although self-taught. Did A+ training, but didn't bother to take the test. Maybe my KIDS should get the tech support gift, but it's easier for them to just call geekmom.
The Point: Not ALL middle aged mommies are tech idiots!


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