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Dear Aunt TUAW: How can I edit my EXIF data?

Apr 27th 2011 11:37AM Hi Rich,

There's a simple way to remove data from a photo with iPhoto, thought it isn't immediately obvious. Here's how (note that these instructions are for iPhoto 9.1.2).

First, select your image. Next, choose Export from the File menu. A pop-up screen appears. Click the File Export tab and ensure that the Location information checkbox is not selected. Finally, click Export. Your photo is exported without location information. That will remove location data.

To see all of the EXIF data, select an image and hit Command-I (or select Info from the View menu). A panel will appear on the right-hand side with the information you're interested in.



Got an Apple TV for Christmas? Here's how to set it up

Dec 25th 2010 7:20PM If you're here to spew sarcasm, we're not interested.

TUAW's Holiday Gift Guide: 10 must-have apps for a new Mac

Nov 12th 2010 4:59PM NutMac: Most Mac users aren't "serious photographers." My intention was to appeal to the widest range of users.

This is not a list of "10 essential apps for the serious photographer."

Instapaper 2.3 adds many new features

Nov 12th 2010 3:36PM Sure I can. Many pieces of software suffer from feature bloat. Packing too much in can make the software less enjoyable to use. Delicious Library is one example.

The first Presidential iPad autograph?

Oct 22nd 2010 4:27PM KEEP THE COMMETS ON TOPIC. If you want to discuss politics, go to Daily Kos.

More pictures of the rumored white iPhone

May 24th 2010 7:20PM Engadget has a full-time staff working 24 hours a day. We do not.

It's official: Steve Jobs will deliver the WWDC keynote

May 24th 2010 12:26PM How so? This press release was issued this moring, and we reported on it this morning. Seems fine to me.

Apple: We want our device back

Apr 20th 2010 1:18PM Wrong.

Apple: We want our device back

Apr 20th 2010 1:17PM "Anyone who's a lawyer deserves zero respect."

Broad generalizations FTW!


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