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Tony Romo Marries Candice Crawford in Dallas

May 30th 2011 9:02AM I surprised he found a woman to join him in a sham of a marriage. It all a scam to hide he really is a queer. Tony Homo doesn't like women. Like the cover up marriage Micheal Jackson had with Elvis's daughter.

Peyton Manning, Colts Lament First-Round Loss to Jets

Jan 9th 2011 8:02PM It's all good the playoofs are down the leagues biggest crybaby and convicted dog killer! HORRAY!!

Michael Vick: 'I'm Still Going to Be Me'

Jan 3rd 2011 10:08PM If your "going to be yourself" are you going to hide weed in a water bottle at an airport while going to a free clinic as Ron Mexico to get a shot cause your pee pee burns? And then on the way home drown a dog or 2?

Brian Urlacher Says Bears are the NFL's Best Team

Dec 11th 2010 7:58PM Rex Ryan had to eat his words when he said the same thing..Enjoy eating those words after Sunday when you whooped by the Patriots!

The Number Game - The Twitter Trend Turned Facebook Status Meme

Dec 8th 2010 9:21PM Its stupid and wish it would end ASAP its flooding my wall

Frank Deford Thinks Middle School Football Trick Play Was Wrong

Nov 19th 2010 11:34AM Quit betting and losing on middle school football games and you wouldnt be such a whiney bitch!

Chad Ochocinco Taunts Falcons Secondary, Sends Free T-Shirts

Oct 21st 2010 9:07PM There is a major problem with this story!! Where is the star they are talking about? Chad dropotheballo hasnt done anything but do stupid td celebrations and run his mouth without backing it up. That ego driven idiot needs to shutup and help his team instead of embarrassing them and win a playoff game this century!

Kassim Osgood, Woman Held at Gunpoint by Woman's Ex-Boyfriend

Sep 30th 2010 9:32AM the courts should allow the dog to bite that sobs nuts off for hitting it

'Jersey Shore' Star Snooki Is Writing a Book

Sep 30th 2010 6:01AM The idiot president got a nobel prize, this idiot could get one too

Oklahoma WR Jaz Reynolds Suspended for Tweet About Texas Shooting

Sep 30th 2010 3:43AM Wow what a heartless dumb


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