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Tennis balls: Little. Yellow. Useful.

Sep 9th 2007 5:49PM They can also be used to remove scuff marks from the floor. I am a teacher and the custodians have them mounted on the end of broomsticks to get up the black scuff marks from dark soled tennis shoes. Works great!!!

Parents ask for Ritalin -- to boost grades

Sep 22nd 2006 10:03PM I am a teacher and I have a kid in my class right now who desperately needs some sort of meds. He is extremely smart but rarely finishes any of his class work because he just can't focus on the job at hand. He is doing well in most subjects due to his intelligence but in 4th grade we have to do a writing prompt in 45 minutes for the FCAT and I really don't think he'll be able to do it w/out some sort of meds. I've already had a conference w/mom and she's in denial - been dealing w/this for years and his grades have been fine. I think he might actually be gifted but he will never be tested for it due to his inability to finish his regular class assignments. I might add that even though he rarely finishes things and doesn't pay attention in class - he usually gets A's on his tests.


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