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Jenny Derfler

Jenny Derfler

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TV Tells Kids Fame is the Most Important Thing in Life, Study Finds

Jul 17th 2011 12:45AM Unfortunately, I am a victim of such a culture. However, I do not watch such shows as American Idol and The Voice! It's just something out of my own personality--and perhaps, my own upbringing!! I am one of the young adults whose narcissism is more prominent than their empathy.

There! Now that is what I call honesty!! And a firsthand eyewitness account!!

How to Navigate Washington, D.C. Without Going Nuts

Jul 17th 2011 12:23AM I prefer the NYC subway as it is more interesting and goes 2 a lot more places. The stations are so much better than the DC Metro stations. I don't know why people find poured cement so attractive! It's the same architectural style used in Communist buildings.

Russian riverboat tragedy highlights cruise ship safety

Jul 12th 2011 8:26PM Well, that's the Russians 4 u!! They are way the behind the US and the rest of Europe (well, Western Europe anyway) when it comes to safety.

Six Reasons to Love the Outer Banks

Jul 12th 2011 7:20PM I luv the OBX!! We own a house down here so we vacation here all the time :)!! In fact, I'm actually @ the OBX right now :D!!

Six Reasons to Love the Outer Banks

Jul 12th 2011 7:10PM There must be a lot of South Carolinians who share ur hatred of Myrtle Beach b/c I see so many South Carolina license plates here on the OBX :)!!

Gallup Poll: Boys Rule, Girls Drool When it Comes to Gender Preferences

Jun 29th 2011 1:51PM I have always preferred boys. I don't know why, but I always have! I guess it's b/c I grew up in a mostly female household. Plus I have always had that tomboyish streak in me :)!!

Happy Father's Day, Hollywood! Who's Your Favorite Celebrity Dad?

Jun 19th 2011 6:23PM Johnny Depp and Robert Downey, Jr.!

Kim & Scott's Gourmet Pretzels: A New Twist on Success

Jun 3rd 2011 4:37PM I support this small business, especially since it's so delicious!!

Smart Gear Smart Balance Bikes

May 24th 2011 3:16PM I've seen many kids in Europe riding these things and I can't say I'm a big fan of them. For one thing, I don't think they prepare ur kids 4 a real bike. And I don't know about u but to me, they look so old-fashioned!! Why not get ur kid a plastic Fisher Price tricycle? Also u commenters made me realize why I've never seen these things in the US: No American kid would be caught dead on one of these things!!

Sprint Pitches Smartphone to Internet-Cat Obsessives

May 20th 2011 5:47PM Not a really big fan of Sprint!! No reason why!! T-Mobile is also on that list too!!


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