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The Daily Fix: Repair a Leaky Fridge

Jul 24th 2010 11:04AM I agree......why is it that the repair guys are always the bad guys. Sure there are a few out there that have taken advantage of some poor souls but not everyone out there is a thief. How about the cost of the part and the travel time to and from the location....I guess the repair guy gets his fuel for free. And of course his family should have to wait for dad to come home cause some dope can not do it himself and has the balls to think we all have sail boats. Try fixing your car when it breaks down from the internet wise ass........

'Coltsthink' Spoils Indy's Shot at History

Dec 28th 2009 10:03AM If I were a Colt fan I would have been upset also. Manning is the true professional and kept his anger under control and he was right to do that. Jet fans have to realize the jets only won that game because the Colts puled the plug in the third quarter. Maybe the focus can be on the super bowl now rather then a perfect season like what happened to New England a few years ago.


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