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Tasia ( Ta Seeeeeeee Ya)

Tasia ( Ta Seeeeeeee Ya)

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Blue Hole Bay, Dean's Blue Hole for Sale in Bahamas for $24 Million

Jan 21st 2013 12:51AM This world we live amazing and beautiful !! I wish more people would take care of what we have!

Actress and ex Miss Universe Alicia Machado details relationship with JFK Jr.

Feb 22nd 2012 3:47PM wow..........I do miss John-John....... I remember him before his father passed,,, how he used to run around the white house - and the day his father was burried, in his cute grey suit............He lived here in NYC and I always thought he had a high-integrity level with a very down2earth type of side....... I am, and was, so sad to see him no longer living.... xxooxxo John John!

Report: Jeff Conaway to Be Taken Off Life Support

May 27th 2011 2:44PM I am very sad over this!

Nicole Richie Shows Off Her Toned Bikini Bod in Miami

Apr 30th 2011 11:06PM She is actually a pretty young lady when she has another 15-20 pounds on her..... She might like the light feeling of being super skinny - but she looks healthier with a little bit of more weight on her..............right now, she is tooooo boney looking.. Sorry!

Top Fashion Picks From the Tribeca Film Festival 2011

Apr 23rd 2011 11:34PM Wow........ such lovely beautiful ladies normally...... Sorry to say but wow -- they look horrible......what's with the horrible hair and clothes girls ! ... I would make myself look just as beautifl as Ms. Berry does everytime she gets in front of the cameras...

What I Learned From 12 Hours As a Bombshell

Mar 26th 2011 2:35PM Makeup surely does wonders for some people... and it totally transforms some fugly people too....but she is a very lovely pretty lady - even with no makeup on.... When she said she was transfered into a bombshell - i was expecting to see a totally differfent look -- but I only saw someone who looks a little more alive and fresh!.... Remember, she is a pretty lady even without makeup on. A bombshell - not sure......but more awake looking and alive - definately.......too bad some men don't start wearing alittle foundation...... we wouldnt have so many ugly guys walking

Greek Outcry Over Kraft's Athenos Ads: Hummus and Hookers, Oh My!

Mar 1st 2011 5:56AM By the way, what the heck does the "YiaYia" have anything to do with trying to get consumers to want to buy the Hummus? ............ If it was me, I would do an add that is all together different - to entice people to purchase their hummus!

Greek Outcry Over Kraft's Athenos Ads: Hummus and Hookers, Oh My!

Mar 1st 2011 5:43AM I am Greek and the stupid crap that comes out of these old ladies mouths are sometime insane and hurtful; especially if you love your grandma (yiayia) and she is saying things to you that are out of the Blue - ridiculous......This ad does not want to make me go out and buy their products! .......It makes me more angry; than to be a consumer........ I can make my own hummus for so much less than what they sell it for!

A Million Plug-in Cars by 2015? The President's Numbers Are a Stretch

Feb 23rd 2011 12:20AM Forget this electric car stuff -- the batteries alone will cause a problem once they cant juice up any longer (as one of the people who posted that earlier - is 100% correct)..... Why dont we just use the oils that restaurants? It will solve many problems. Here in Queens NY - in Flushing, the sewer system is backed up cause of all the oils the Oriental Rests use and poor down the drain on a daily basis. Its a horror scene! If we can use that type of oils ( even Fast-Food Places use tons of oils a day ) we probably will be better off! Wonder though, where does all that oil go after it has been thru the engine system of a car? In the air? Would we all get greasy hair and lungs if we have to breath that in? ....... That's a thought too - so I am realy not sure what the heck to do........Let's go back to the horse and buggy days (at least the horse pooo will nurish the earth and we can have better crops - lol )

Women Willing to Give Up Sex, Cell Phones, Days Off for a Sharp-Dressed Man

Feb 18th 2011 11:03AM I am all woman and I woud NEVER give up sex - for something else (except maybe air) !!.........So many ladies make excuses to Not have sex, so this article is ridiculous! ......... Besides a great man can wear anything - and still look good and his animal sexuality is still there!....... Who cares if he is wearing a $2,000 Suit or a Flannel Shirt with Jeans! .....Being with a good sex partner makes you feel alive, sexy and ready to tackle the world!


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