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Harrods Sold To Qatar Royals' Holding Company

May 10th 2010 10:34AM I've visited and shopped at Harrod's several times since 2002. I am impressed with it's broad range of products. The Food Areas are the most wonderous place to visit and have Lunch. The store is much like the stateside major department stores, just larger and a broader range of products. By no means is it an unaffordable store. The best time to hit Harrod's is the Winter Sales time in Europe and England. Great bargains in high quality goods can be found, and it's just plain fun to go.

Home Ec: How to Remove Protein-Based Stains

May 1st 2010 10:47AM Fels Naptha Soap seems to be litle known nowadays. My parents and thier parents used this product. Fels Naptha didn't go away, it seems to be little known because of little advertising of its benefit. It has been around since at least the eighteen hundreds and likely earlier. I still have it ready to use at the utility room wash basin. Dad used it every day to clean up oil and grease on his hands and arrms when he came home from work at the machine shop. Mom got all those grass stains and etc. out of our family clothing and other materials. It's an amazing product!

Her Baby Name Sounds Like a Bad Joke

Mar 12th 2010 10:45AM Ex boss was the well used Dick Long, High school had Crystal Glass, Sue Anas, Dick Brown, Gary Kuntzman, Tamara Gay Buttrum, John Shaver. Can't really remember people making fun of them though. My ex-wife was Cheryle and pronounced Chair-L staunchly by her mother. The wife got pretty tired of correcting people and later on turned it to Brandi. There was a family named Hogg that lived on the south rim of Lake Okechobee. My initials are WAH or BAH depending on nickname, thusly no monograms.

More Tests Planned as Rush Limbaugh Remains Hospitalized

Dec 31st 2009 11:25AM A lot of the comments are directed in a hope that Rush would die and then they wouldn't have to put up with him. Pretty typical of a lot of the liberal minded that cannot take any criticism. Just make your problem person disappear Just like Hitler, Stalin and many other of that type did.


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