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Unusual Uses for Aspirins

Jun 4th 2010 2:14PM It makes a GREAT facial scrub!!

Theories and Facts Gleaned From My Two Decades of Dating Women

Apr 6th 2010 2:17PM Oh this below made me really LOL....If *Mister* Darcy is reading this I really AM the exception to the rule.......Pink font ROCKS!!!

(GEE Maybe that's why he ran????)

Women Who Begin Emails "Hey, You" Are Crazy
Women who write cute emails are batsh** insane. This goes double for those who use elaborate fonts, refer to you as "Mister" and use numbers instead of letters, like Prince. It may seem adorable or affectionate, but don't be fooled. The women who use emoticons in text messages are the same ones who will eventually leave you angry, swear-filled messages. In blood. On your bathroom mirror.

'Ax Men' Star Jesse Browning's Daughter, 4, Killed by Pet Rottweiler

Mar 2nd 2010 8:39AM How tragically sad....This really hit me hard for some reason.

: O ((((((

10 Best Power Ballads

Jan 2nd 2010 10:31PM Oh Aerosmith... Sigh ..I don't care my friends would make fun of me but I love power ballads lol Rock on dudes!

10 Best Time Songs

Jan 2nd 2010 10:26PM Ummmmm Chicago???Does anybody really care???


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