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Barry Larkin Reportedly Leaves MLB Network for ESPN

Feb 14th 2011 5:02PM It's only a distraction if guys like you can't find anything else to write about 10 times a week!!! Do some hoework and find a reeeeal story that we don't already know about!!!! Thanks

Chris Henry Feature Moves 'NFL Today' Host James Brown to Tears

Nov 25th 2010 4:39PM As a former macho jock, it's really heart-warming to know there are still REAL MEN like the guys in this piece, James and Boomer, and the guys posting comments on this blog, who know that shedding a caring tear has nothing to do with one's ability to knock the helmet off the biggest guy on the other team.

Why I Secretly Wish I Were Dutch

Nov 18th 2010 2:08PM That's funny!!!! I don't see any mention of the ($3500 dollars, not euros)
it takes to get a driver's license in Holland. So most women (and
many men) don't have cars or even drive. And it just starts there.
Yeah, it IS always greener!

Tigers, Adam Dunn Reportedly Closing in on Deal

Nov 17th 2010 4:23PM Let's see. Tigers had two decent corner outfielders last year. Were terrible in run production. So let's go to Fangraph and a bunch of other silly I-have-no-life numbers to see WHY a guy who has hit 38 or more HRs the past seven seasons and 100 or more the past five (and CAN DH, when necessary) and has a lifetime batting average that rivals Harmon Killebrew and Reggie Jackson, among others, among others, is not a good addition to the Tigers. Just a little thought is needed, not a bunch of those ridiculous new millenium numbers. If teams took players based on what they pay them and what they're really worth, most of the league would have to release most of their players.

Roy Halladay Was NL's Best No Matter Your Measure

Nov 16th 2010 7:34PM Who cares about all this self-serving gobble-dee-gook Fletch to show what a mastermind you were for voting for the obscenely obvious? Sure it works. You used it to explain the one unanimous choice there will be in all the awards. I could've made up a system based on legos and etch-a-sketch and come up with Halliday. Let's see how good your system works in the A.L. and in years to come.

Terrell Owens Takes Another Shot at Donovan McNabb

Nov 16th 2010 7:15PM terpee93...brilliant! Short, to the point, and 100% accurate. Maybe YOU should be writing and analyzing for Fanhouse instead of some of the duds who are!

Justin Morneau Not Pleased With Target Field's Distant Fences

Nov 12th 2010 9:48PM How idiotic can one be to make a statement that only Morneau's doctor could answer, about how serious Morneau's concussion was? (Hmm, I guess as idiotic as leon.) Morneau's problem is in his head all right, but it's not the concussion. It's called good old-fashioned selfish, self-centered, superstar syndrome!

Derek Jeter's Fifth Gold Glove Evidence of Award Gone Wrong

Nov 12th 2010 9:42PM Cubano--I doubt VERY much that YOU have counted the number of hits going between ss and 3rd vs the Yankees. And THAT 5-6 hole is as much Rodriguez's territory (more so in many cases) as it is Jeter's, depending on how many men are on base, what base they're on, what hitter is up, whether there's a man on first who might steal in a fake bunt situation where the 2nd baseman is moving towards first, or it's a real bunt situation, what the pitch count is, what hitter is up, what pitch is going to be thrown, whether it's a righty hitter or lefty, etc., etc., etc. So if you tell us that Jeter is not a GGer because of the number of hits that went between ss and 3rd vs the Yankees, I tell you--you don't know what the heck you're talking about. Because according to YOUR theory, no SS deserves a GG and no centerfielder either, because dozens of hits fall between the right-fielder and centerfielder and left fielder and centerfielder. Of all the dumb numbers to judge a Gold Glove SS on, yours has got to be the dumbest. YOu don't need to apologize for not speaking great English, but you do need to apologize for making an embarrassingly stupid comment. Because believe me, we ALL understood how dumb it was!!

Derek Jeter's Fifth Gold Glove Evidence of Award Gone Wrong

Nov 10th 2010 10:38AM HAving good players on the field with you, especially a good fielding first baseman helps a shortstop win something like this. Why do so many ill-informed think it's a one-man game just because the awards are??? And it's good that you're a Yankee fan and DON'T think he should have gotten it. A good reason why it's best not to have fans or call-in votes or anyone BUT the knowledgable and experienced men who know best--the managers and coaches, who play against them, vote. It's NOT a popularity contest, so it doesn't matter if you're a Yankee fan. And your remark is proof it COULD BE if someone else voted for the award! And as for age, I only need mention Ozzie, Edmunds, Hunter, Maddux and a few others to prove it's way more than agility and range.

Derek Jeter's Fifth Gold Glove Evidence of Award Gone Wrong

Nov 9th 2010 7:28PM Oh yes, and most of those coaches and managers have also PLAYED the game themselves on the professional level.


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