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Would You Buy A Half-Seat On A Plane?

Aug 8th 2013 7:36AM I have never seen an industry get away with so much. Why aren't people complaining. I hate having to pay for my luggage. That is part of doing business. I hate to be nickel and dimed for everything and that is what the airlines are doing. On top of not having food, being squished to the max they still are trying to get every last dollar from us.

A TSA Agent Answers Questions From The Community

Dec 3rd 2012 7:23AM My thing is when my daughter was litle for some reason she always made the bell ring. I told her she was made of metal. I got really mad when they use to pat her down. She was like 8. One time the TSA agent told me to get away from her. She started to cry. Please she is only a little kid. I found the NY airports are the worst, there are always lines and I have to say the TSA agents are not that nice. Everywhere else has been better.

Cruise Line Extra Charges Can Easily Double The Price

Sep 15th 2012 10:40AM I used insurance on a vacation. We had an ice storm and I was leaving on a Saturday and the next flight they could get me and my kids on was the following tuesday. I couldn't extend the hotel because they were booked the following week and my kids were back at school. So I cancelled the whole trip and got my money back.

Hotels That Serve Glorified Prison Food For Breakfast

Aug 18th 2012 9:44AM When I travel with my son I try to get a hotel with the breakfast option, it just saves time so you can get on with your day. Yes the food is not great but there are some items that are ok. My son enjoys it and that is all that counts because I don't really eat breakfast anyway. Embassy suites does have a great breakfast and I try to go there if I can but they are a lot more expensive. You pay for what you get.

Why The Cinque Terre In Italy Should Be Your Next Trip

Aug 2nd 2012 8:22AM I went there 4 years ago and hiked the trail. It was a great hike and took us a while to climb. Bring hiking boots or shoes if you are going to do this. I didn't think it would be so ruff and did it in sandals which I had to throw away after the hike. I felt like I went back in time when I was staying there. They had a cabinet in the middle of the square with the fish of the day to pick from. They had the biggest lemons I have seen. They are also noted for their anchovies. There are signature dishes at every restaurant. I ate them but still am not a big fan. The pesto was really good and we ate at one restaurant and asked for another suggestion for the next nite and they said to go to the one on the top of the hill because they were making fresh pesto the next day. Because of the lemons they had lemoncello, drank a bit everyday. Truly a great experience!

Airline Fees: You Get What You Pay For Or Weapons In Travel Class Warfare?

Jul 2nd 2012 7:15AM Why isn't anyone complaining about the airlines, the next thing you will have to give them is your first born child. They get everything that they ask for and we the consumers get nothing. They have no customer service whatsoever because they just do what they want and get away with it.

Study Reveals What Travelers Want Most When Flying

Jun 24th 2012 8:46AM I would love for bigger seats, I am tiny and I find the seats small and there is no leg room and I have short legs. I feel really bad for the tall men who have no leg room at all. I would check my bag if it was free, i have to shove everything into a small bag just so I don't have to pay the expensive fees. I feel like cattle on the plane. Also the food situation is terrible, at least when you had the meals you got something to eat, now if you don't have time between your flights to get food you sometimes go all day without eating and the food choices on the plane are horrible and expensive.

Renters Beware: Fraudsters Still Lurking on Craigslist

Mar 18th 2012 8:08AM I work in a Real Estate company and we do mostly rentals and we put all our apartments for rent on Craigslist. That is how we rent them. We have the people come to our office and fill out an application form and we do a credit check. We have never had that happen to us. Also I have the best luck looking for Jobs on Craigslist. It is usually the company themselves representing the job so you don't have to go through an agency who decides you are right for the job.

Kids Eating More and More Meals Away From Home

Jul 27th 2011 7:08PM The reason why they eat so many meals out of the house is sports. Baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer, football, you name it the kids are there.

Celebrity Moms Who Can Juggle It All (Photos)

Jul 11th 2011 7:48AM Yea I handled it in the airport by myself with 2 kids, I pushed the stroller with my son in front of me and a suitcase behind me and my daughter holding on to the stroller helping me push. That is handling it by yourself. Ta da!!!!


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